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Ryan Colby top ranked USTA Mid-Atlantic player

MTVAC Tennis Alum Catapults to the Top of USTA Mid-Atlantic Ranks

Congrats to Ryan Colby, a former MTVAC and BCTA tennis player who is at the top of the USTA Mid-Atlantic ranks in his 14s age group. Ryan is also a straight A student taking upper level courses. His sights are set on playing tennis at the University of Virginia or Stamford!

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Vanessa Marin enjoys the best Alexandria VA fitness center!

MTVAC is an Alexandria VA Fitness Center Family Affair for Vanessa Marin!

Vanessa Marin appreciates that MTVAC is clean, the equipment is new and she never has to wait to use machines or weights. Her son loves taking tennis lessons and husband uses the racquetball courts. MTVAC is truly an Alexandria VA fitness center for families!

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Blue Chip Tennis Junior gets Wilson Gear Full Sponsorship

Blue Chip Tennis Junior Gets Full Wilson Sponsorship

Blue Chip Tennis Junior Cole Henceroth – the Highest ranked 10 year old in the 12 and under national rankings – gets a full Wilson Gear Sponsorship!

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Jeremy Carl awarded 2017 USTPA Mid-Atlantic Professional of the Year!

Jeremy Carl Named USPTA Mid-Atlantic Tennis Professional of the Year!

Congratulations to BCTA Head Pro Jeremy Carl, the USPTA Mid-Atlantic 2017 Professional of the Year! Jeremy was awarded for his commitment to spreading the game of tennis to the USPTA Mid-Atlantic and local communities.

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Personal Training in Alexandria va at MTVAC

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

Wondering if you should hire a personal trainer? Here are 10 reasons why personal training is a good investment, from staying motivated to training for a new sport or event.

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Group fitness or group therapy? Fitness Alexandria, VA

Get Fit and STAY FIT with Complementary Fitness Alexandria, VA Programs!

MTVAC member? Make sure you take advantage of free fitness Alexandria, VA programs like 360 Start Up and Quarterly Fitness Updates!

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Hit your Alexandria VA health club for stress relief

4 Tips for Stress Management (Spoiler Alert: Hit Your Health Club!)

Everyone deals with stress, but how do you manage it to keep your life in balance? Identify the stressors and cope with stress in a healthy way, like hitting a health club and getting more exercise. Learn to say no and schedule time for things that you love.

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Serena Williams fist pumping with her Wilson Tennis Racquet at the Australian Open

Part of the Wilson Team, Blue Chip Tennis Celebrates Serena Williams and Roger Federer at Australian Open

With both Serena Williams and Roger Federer winning at the Australian Open, it had the largest US Domestic viewing figures of any major since the 2009 Wimbledon final!

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BCTA and USTA Tennis Pros Describe Foundation of Tennis

USTA Tennis Leaders Teach the Foundation of Youth Tennis – COACH!

Blue Chip Tennis Academy pros Tim Bainton, Jeremy Carl and Farley Youman have written an article appearing in the February 2017 issue of Tennis Industry magazine. The article describes the building blocks necessary to creating a solid foundation for youth tennis players – COACH!

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Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Movement for group fitness

Functional Movement and Corrective Exercise Tips from MTVAC Personal Trainer

MTVAC personal trainer Zach Zyzyks offers FMS and corrective exercise tips to improve posture, movement, mobility and function. FMS helps with rehab and improving current form while also preventing injuries.

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