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MTVAC Member Kate Thompson Talks About Tennis Instruction for her Children Marshall & Emma

Tim Bainton has coached our children – Marshall & Emma Thompson – for the past seven years; they both take clinics and lessons. During that time, Tim and BCTA tennis professionals’ attention to detail, focus on stroke mechanics and mental aspects of the game have helped our children’s tennis skills to improve markedly and their love of tennis has continued to grow. Blue Chip coaches are encouraging, yet provide a disciplined, fun environment for learning the game of tennis.

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After a 10+ year tennis sabbatical, I knew I would need to play as much as possible to get back to where I left off. So, I decided to go the MTVAC route because I was intrigued by the no court fee which is such a rarity in the NOVA/DC area.

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MTVAC Blue Chip Tennis Spotlight: Ryan Colby

Check out Ryan Colby’s achievements and accolades!

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MTVAC Blue Chip Tennis: Wilson Scholarship Agreements

Blue Chip Tennis Academy (BCTA) stars Sapir Sela, Ryan Colby and Winston Matthews have all signed FULL SPONSORSHIP agreements with Wilson! And Matthew Ruamthong has signed a PARTIAL SPONSORSHIP agreement!!!   Blue Chip Tennis Academy Stars on the Rise Sapir Sela recently beat the European Champion, Sofia Epur, in a 2-hour match at Eddie-Herr International Junior […]

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MTVAC Tennis SPOTLIGHT: Cameron Goldstein & Ryan Colby

MTVAC tennis and BCTA stars Cameron Goldstein and Ryan Colby took the 2013 Little MO International Tournaments by storm! Cameron (competing in the 12 and under category) won the boys doubles match.  He’s a hard worker and great athlete who is always willing to give it his all. Cameron truly has a bright future ahead of […]

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Weight Loss Training and Tennis Lead to Sauers’ MTVAC Member Success Story

2014 brings us a success story that includes not just one super star, but three shining family members. First and foremost, Jim Sauers lost an amazing53 pounds in 2013!!!  By switching his dietary habits to include more vegetables and less fats, being diligent and disciplined with his weight loss training regimens, and incorporating tennis into his daily […]

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MTVAC Member Success Story – Sapir Sela

BCTA star Sapir Sela recently beat the European Champion, Sofia Epur, in a grueling 2 hour match at the Eddie-Herr International Junior Championships (the second biggest junior tournament behind the Orange Bowl)!!

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MTVAC Testimonial Picture - Linda_Odell_pic

Linda Odell

Kudos to Jeremy Carl for a great tennis lesson this morning. I made the winning bid for an hour long session with him at the Swing for Pink Charity Event at the club. Jeremy is insightful and focused and was able to identify and correct some key problems with my game. Watch out future partners and thank you, Jeremy! – Linda Odell

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MTVAC Member Success Story – Tina Colby Talks About about her son Ryan

MTVAC is not just an outstanding tennis facility but a place that my ten-year-old son, RYAN considers as his second home. Through an excellent tennis program led by Tim Bainton, my son is reaching not only his individual tennis goals, he is developing a strong sense of citizenship, long-lasting relationships and growing into a well-rounded young […]

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MTVAC Testimonial Picture - Mary_Lou_Sage_pic

Mary Lou Sage

I have been a member since 1993. I have enjoyed every minute of my membership. The entire staff is always smiling, polite and helpful all of the time.

I have personally worked with and had lessons with Tim Bainton and Patrick Escambre and they are both the best coaches ever. They are professional, polite, funny and are both fabulous coaches.

I have taken personal training with Gretchen Thompson and she is an outstanding teacher and fun to be with and is an expert in her field.

My daughter did a summer training with Lauren Milner and she was fabulous. My daughter was so happy with her. I was also thrilled with the sincere care she gave my daughter.

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