Art of Living Foundation

MTVAC Offers a Peek into the Art of Stress-Free and Healthy Living

The Art of Healthy Living has partnered up with MTVAC to offer free stress management workshops to members. Learn breathing and meditation techniques that will not just get you through the week, but lead you on the path to happy, healthy living.

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Alexandria VA fitness programs put fun and results back into fitness

4 Tips for a Safe Summer Fitness Workout

From drinking plenty of water and eating water-rich fruits, to knowing when to take your fitness workout indoors. Here are 4 tips to make sure you stay safe while working out this summer!

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Body Evidence Scans at MTVAC

Personal Training Programs Bring More Evidence to the Table

Body Evidence Scans use infrared sensors to capture a 3D model of your body, including compositions, shape and accurate measurements. When uses periodically with personal training programs, the scans reveal true progress and help trainers adjust programs as necessary.

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Club Business International - Tim Bainton Stands Tall Among Tennis Leaders

Club Business International Spotlights Tim Bainton as a Standout Among Tennis Leaders Making a Difference

What does it take to be among the most influential tennis leaders? Club Business International sat down with MTVAC’s own Tim Bainton to find out. From seven-year-old tennis player to club business guru, Tim has led the way in tennis and club success.

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The Next Generation of Junior Tennis Players Take on Their First USTA Tournament – and Make BCT Proud!

BCTA junior tennis players Maggie and Sofia recently played in their first USTA tournament. They were on the younger side of the 10 and under division but showed passion and respect for the game, as well as respect for the other players and tournament directors. They made BCTA proud!

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Celebrate Men's Health at our Alexandria Fitness Center

How to Celebrate Men’s Health Month at Your Alexandria Fitness Center

June is Men’s Health Month – do you know how healthy your heart is, how much exercise you need, or how many calories you should aim for? MTVAC puts the answers and solutions within reach at your Alexandria Fitness Center!

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USTA Mid-Atlantic & MTVAC Coach Jeremy Carl

BCTA Coach Jeremy Carl Chosen as Coach at USTA Mid-Atlantic National EDC Orange Ball 3-Camp Series

Coach Jeremy Carl was just selected as one of the coaches at the USTA Mid-Atlantic National EDC Orange Ball 3-Camp series – a National Camp Structure that aims to provide opportunities for the top local U10 athletes to train together. Focus is on fundamentals and overall athletic skill development.

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MTVAC presents check to Alice's Kids

Mount Vernon Athletic Club Raises $5K to Alexandria Children’s Charity Alice’s Kids

Mount Vernon Athletic Club member Ron Fitzsimmons introduced club GM Dimitris Kollaros to Alice’s Kids. Dimitris knew he could help. They rallied members and created a March Madness Bracket Challenge for Charity, then tapped into the corporate charitable arm of Van Metre Companies. Together they raised over $5K.

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BCTA youth tennis players compete and have fun

BCTA VA Youth Tennis Players Score Points and Strike Poses at Tennis Tournament

VA youth tennis players from Blue Chip Tennis Academy’s WorldGate location just took to the tournament courts. A first USTA tournament for two of the boys, all players did well and had a great time.

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Alexandria VA fitness programs put fun and results back into fitness

Why check out MTVAC? You can’t find a better variety of Alexandria VA fitness programs!

When you’re considering joining a fitness center, keep in mind all that the center offers in one place. MTVAC has personal training, group fitness classes, Fitness on Demand, childcare, tennis and nutrition workshops all in one place!

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