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Vanessa Marin enjoys the best Alexandria VA fitness center!

MTVAC is an Alexandria VA Fitness Center Family Affair for Vanessa Marin!

Vanessa Marin appreciates that MTVAC is clean, the equipment is new and she never has to wait to use machines or weights. Her son loves taking tennis lessons and husband uses the racquetball courts. MTVAC is truly an Alexandria VA fitness center for families!

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Leann Creppon was looking for a judgement free gym and personal trainer

Personal Trainer and Personal Workouts Motivate MTVAC Member LeAnn Creppon

Member LeAnn Creppon uses MTVAC for a personal trainer, group fitness classes and the mindset of keeping a health and fitness lifestyle. She’s been able to learn new workouts and has brought all the pieces together for a complete plan.

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MTVAC Member Mary “Peggy” White Shapes Up with Personal Training Programs by Zach Zyzyk!

Working out with a personal trainer yields so many benefits, from learning new exercises to getting the motivation you need to push your limits. MTVAC member Mary White discovered these personal training programs, benefits and more with personal trainer Zach Zyzyk.

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Mud bath after the race

MTVAC Makes Health and Fitness Fun for Janna Lau

Janna Lau and her family have been MTVAC members for three years. Janna takes advantage of the personal trainers, group fitness classes, free child care and social events all under one roof, and all promoting balances in both health and fitness.

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Gym Legend Richard Wolford and MTVAC General Manager Aaron Vol

MTVAC Spotlight: Richard Wolford Takes Command of His Health

Richard Wolford was once a Navy commander stationed on an aircraft carrier outside of Vietnam. Now at 90 years young, Richard is taking command of his health by working with a personal trainer at MTVAC and following the health and fitness example set by his wife Helen.

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Looking for Elite Fitness, Alexandria VA? Check out MTVAC’s Quarter Million Dollar Renovation!

When guests search for ” fitness Alexandria VA,” what they are really looking for in a facility is the very best place to get in a quality workout. MTVAC has kicked off Phase 2 of a quarter million dollar renovation. We’ll offer top-of-the-line weight machines, in an upgraded fitness area designed by Pamela Heynes. The results will be a greater workout experience for our guests. We truly are committed to making 2016 the best year yet at the club!

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True LOVE on the tennis courts at MTVAC

MTVAC Spotlight: Jim & JoAnn Seeley Light Up the Tennis Courts

MTVAC is fortunate to have such interesting and wonderful members. Loyal and long-time members Jim & JoAnn Seeley share their story of Fitness, Friendship & “Love” on the tennis courts at MTVAC.

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MTVAC member Shannon Stockman finds motivation in fitness classes

Shannon Stockman Found Motivation in MTVAC Fitness Classes

From the phenomenal fitness classes to the free child care, working out at MTVAC has helped member Shannon Stockman stay motivated to go to the gym. Fitness classes not only help with motivation, but they can also keep you accountable and bring camaraderie to your workouts.

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Friendly and Full Service Are Hard to Find at other Fitness Clubs in Alexandria VA

Dr. Mike Baldy came to MTVAC for the tennis but has embraced all the extras that make Mount Vernon Tennis and Athletic Club a top choice of fitness clubs in Alexandria VA. Personal training takes his tennis to the next level, while a friendly greeting and professional staff make the gym more like a community.

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Weight Loss Training Success: The Power of Before & After Photos for MTVAC Member Julie Jameson Thompson

Julie Jameson Thompson’s weight loss training success has become an inspiration to many at MTVAC. See how she achieved her goals & the new ways of thinking she adopted that have changed her life forever.

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