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Watching the 2017 Davis Cup after Coaches Training

Blue Chip Tennis Coaches Training at the Davis Cup

Blue Chip Tennis Coaches Tim Bainton and Jeremy were involved in the USTA High Performance Continuing Education Program February 3-5, 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama. The tennis coaches training program was held in conjunction with the Davis Cup, which USA won!

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Use Functional Movement Group Fitness to Prevent Injuries!

Functional Movement Systems involves testing seven basic body movements to check for weakness and asymmetries. Then a series of corrective exercises are used to help athletes at all levels restore flexibility, strength and balance. Personal Trainer Zack Zyzyk leads a Functional Movement group fitness class at MTVAC.

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Jeremy and Tim at Davis Cup

Davis Cup Coaches: Making Burke Racquet and Mount Vernon Tennis Club Proud

Blue Chip Sports Management founder Tim Bainton and Burke Raquet and Swim Club Head Tennis Pro Jeremy Carl were proud to represent Mount Venron tennis club at an elite USTA coaching program. The USTA High Performance Continuing Education Program was held during the Davis Cup, so the coaches had a chance to hear from Jay Berger, a Davis Cup coach, as well as talk trends, strategy and training.

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Blue Chip Tennis Academy Staff Dan Myers

MTVAC Tennis Pro Dan Myers is the Youngest to Attend Elite USTA Coaching Program!

Blue Chip and MTVAC Tennis Pro, Dan Myers attended the elite USTA High Performance Coaching Program; only 48 (worldwide) are selected every 2 years. To all of our tennis players: Be prepared to see some new and exciting drills on the courts!

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MTVAC’s Newest Coach Provides Expert Tennis Instruction in Alexandria, VA

Dan Myers provides expert tennis instruction to improve your game. His attention to detail and likable personality makes him an excellent tennis professional for all levels and all ages.

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Adult Tennis Player - Karla Davison

BRSC Staff Member & Adult Tennis Player Texas-Bound

Karla Davison has worked at Burke Racquet and Swim Club for 16 years as part of the FD staff. Due to her son’s deployment, she will be moving to Texas and will be greatly missed. Davison could always be seen greeting members with a friendly smile and encouraging others to try either junior or adult tennis. […]

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Certified Personal Trainer Zach Zyzyk offers new CES personal training

Every Body Has Issues – Fix Them with Zach Zyzyk’s CES Personal Training

MTVAC’s Zach Zyzyk is now a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, bringing his new-found personal training knowledge to the MTVAC gym. CES addresses body imbalances in clients of every fitness level, helping to prevent injuries and working to recover from existing injuries faster.

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MTVAC Alexandria VA Personal Training with Ryan Fearson

Ryan Fearson: Jiu-Jitsu Champion to Personal Trainer in Alexandria VA

Ryan Fearson has been an actor, a barista, a wrestler, a student and even a Jiu-Jitsu Champion. His training and passion for health and fitness have led him to become a personal trainer in Alexandra VA.

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Steve Stafilatos, Personal Trainer in Alexandria VA

From Semi-Pro Basketball Player in Greece to Top Personal Trainer in Alexandria VA: Spotlight on Steve Stafilatos

Steve Stafilatos has a long history of athletics and training, including high school and semi-pro basketball careers, and as a personal trainer in Alexandria VA. Steve has been a fitness coach on and off for the past 10 years, working in different industries and gyms before settling in full time at MTVAC.

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MTVAC Alexandria VA Personal Training with Patricia Brown

Power, Enthusiasm and Personal Training: Meet Patrica Brown

If you’re going to do it, make it worth it, so says Patricia Brown, Personal Trainer at Mount Vernon Athletic Club who leads the Fitness Club for Women. Brown loves working with clients because she still truly loves to teach. When asked why she explains, “I wholeheartedly believe that exercise is the key to a long, healthy life!

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