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Want to Play College Tennis? Use YouTube to Nab a Scholarship!

USTPA and Blue Chip Tennis Academy pro Farley Youman explains how to find and use the best video clips showcasing tennis skills, then edit them together and send the YouTube link to college tennis coaches. Show off and score a scholarship!

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Farley Youman provides tennis tips for the best tennis serve toss

Tennis Tip: The Most Important Ingredients to a Great Tennis Serve Toss

Blue Chip Tennis Coach Farley Youman says the “Most important ‘ingredient’ to a great tennis serve starts with a great toss.” Find out his four great ways to practice your tennis serve toss and help you deliver a smashing tennis serve on court or at home!

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BCTA and USTA Tennis Pros Describe Foundation of Tennis

USTA Tennis Leaders Teach the Foundation of Youth Tennis – COACH!

Blue Chip Tennis Academy pros Tim Bainton, Jeremy Carl and Farley Youman have written an article appearing in the February 2017 issue of Tennis Industry magazine. The article describes the building blocks necessary to creating a solid foundation for youth tennis players – COACH!

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Patrick Escalambre | MTVAC Senior Teaching Professional

Tennis Footwork for Better Contact

Tennis Footwork is the foundation of a good tennis player. Having perfect looking strokes are great but movement and footwork are the key to executing these strokes.

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Topspin Groundstrokes in Tennis Doubles

Tennis coaches are often found telling their players to add more topspin to their shots. Topspin groundstrokes are definitely shots that are welcome in the singles game BUT for doubles, the strategy is a bit different. Learn more with out Tennis Tip.

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MTVAC Blue Chip Tennis Pro Ben Chimezie

Early Preparation for Tennis

Choosing the right combination of tennis string will help take your game to the next level. Our team of knowledgeable professionals can point you in the right direction

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Mount Vernon tennis pro Jeremy Carl

Palm it for a Better Forehand

Use the palm of your hand in order to hit a better forehand. Your palms are the keys to either hitting a forehand lob or a forehand drive.

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Blue Chip Tennis Academy Staff Dan Myers

Tennis Tip: Prepare Mentally

These three tennis tips should help you be mentally prepared for your next match. Brought to you by the helpful tennis pros at MTVAC.

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Stay Hydrated and Take to Indoor Tennis Courts in Alexandria VA

It’s important to stay hydrated, fuel up and keep your skin cool and protected when you’re active in the summer. While you could take to the outdoor tennis courts and brave the heat and humidity, it’s a much better option to use MTVAC’s indoor tennis courts in Alexandra VA.

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Mount Vernon tennis pro Jeremy Carl

Powerful Tennis Serve

This powerful tennis serve tip can help you produce a solid and reliable serve. Practice his motion to gain some speed on your serve

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