Margaux DeVaul 1st in Mid-Atlantic Tennis USTA Under 10

Margaux DeVaul shows off her first place mid-Atlantic tennis win with a proud smile

Margaux DeVaul proudly shows off her first place clay court mid-Atlantic tennis win

Margaux DeVaul ruled the mid-Atlantic tennis 10 and under division at the USTA Cavalier Jr. Orange Ball Open in January. Not only did she battle several competitors on the tennis courts and walk away victorious, but she also clenched her first win on a clay court.

Different Tennis Court, Different Style

While seemingly similar, there are a few differences between playing on a clay court and playing on a traditional hard court. Because of their surface and natural stone makeup, clay courts can be more comfortable for players by helping to control sliding. However they can also be one of the slowest surfaces to play on, sometimes producing longer rallies and often responsive to spin. Other court types include grass and artificial turf.

Mid-Atlantic Tennis Lessons at BCTA

Transitioning between different court surfaces is just one of the ways the Blue Chip Tennis Academy helps its players. Run under Blue Chip Sports Management, the BCTA offers tennis lessons, clinics, camps and workshops. And while there is a strong concentration on tennis for kids and molding exceptional junior players, the indoor tennis club at MTVAC hosts players of all ages and skill levels. BCTA coaches just want tennis to be enjoyable for everyone and for each player to play at his or her best.

With the guidance of her BCTA coaches and plenty of practice, Margaux looks forward to holding her own in future mid-Atlantic tennis USTA level 10 and under tournaments, and more matches and wins on clay courts.

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