5 Benefits of Family Fitness at MTVAC

At one point in time, we have all heard that exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. But did you know taking part in daily fitness activities as a family has numerous benefitsEngaging in family fitness is not just a good way to get your heart pumping and burn calories, it is also a way to build family bonds.

The Benefits of Family Fitness

The benefits of family fitness are endless and go deeper than just fighting heart disease and other risk factors for poor health.

  • Fend off stress. Participating at a gym in Alexandria can teach children how to reduce stress.
  • Establish lifelong habits. Several factors can contribute to childhood obesity, so it makes sense to get kids moving from a young age. By getting your children to connect physical activity with thoughts of togetherness, fun and community, you guide them toward
    Zumba_Instructors_Calvin_Jones_with_his_Mom_Tonya_V_Jones_example_of_family fitness_at_mtvac

    Mother & Son Members, Tonya V Jones and Calvin Jones – Certified Zumba Instructors

    furthering these beliefs with age.

  • Provide motivation and encouragement. You typically spend more time with your family than you do with anyone else. So when the people you spend the majority of your days with are interested in exercise, the chances family fitness will be suggested are more likely.
  • Allows for meaningful bonding. When families think of “family time,” it often involves watching TV together. While this is good for unwinding, how much conversation really takes place? With exercise, however, there is no other option but to talk with one another. Whether you are playing tennis on indoor tennis courts or walking through the park, you will be able to focus on your interactions with family members.
  • It’s fun! Family fitness gives you the chance to get outside and get to know the people you spend each day with. And the best part is there are no rules when it comes to how you exercise – you might even find new ways to use the gym equipment! Experiment with different types of family fitness activities until you find ones you enjoy!

This father and daughter love to hit the MTVAC racquetball courts!

Take Your Family Fitness to the Indoor Tennis Courts

When it comes to family fitness, indoor tennis and racquetball can develop teamwork skills, patience and coordination. MTVAC offers tons of tennis programs, clinics, camps and workshops for players of all ages and abilities, like our new Ball Machine Rapid Fire Drill clinic. But the courts can serve other purposes, too! Like this father and son who used the state-of-the-art ball machine to help them practice lacrosse in the cool air conditioning. 

Several MTVAC members also take advantage of our tennis programs and personal training to get targeted cross training. When you incorporate several activities into your family fitness routine, your family’s entire fitness level increases while your risk of injury decreases. Plus, you are spending time with the people that matter most!

Interested in trying MTVAC for family fitness? Sign up for 7 days free! Have little ones too young to hit the gym? Childcare is included in your membership!

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