After School Tennis Programs

Blue Chip Tennis Provides After School Tennis Programs at Tucker Elementary School

tucker elementary after school tennis programsThis fall, Mount Vernon Athletic Club offers after school tennis programs at Tucker Elementary School and other schools in the Alexandria, VA area.  With the help of Pam Denunzio, one of our MTVAC members, there were 64 kids signed up for the 8 week tennis program.  There are 2 classes offered at Tucker– an 8 and under and a 9 and over class– which are taught by MTVAC tennis director Tim Bainton and MTVAC tennis professional Patrick Escalambre.

Tim Bainton said, “Pam was very instrumental in helping us promote and get the word out to the students.  She also did a great job organizing everything; she deserves a lot of credit.”

Kids and Parents Love Tennis

Kids have fun while working on the basics of tennis: forehand, backhand, volleys, and serves.  The 8 and under class utilizes a 36′ court with the mini tennis net that are tailored to the kid’s size and the 9 and over class uses the lower compression orange dot ball.  This allows the kids to learn the game easier as well and have better success earlier.

tucker elementary after school tennis programsOne of the reasons parents love the after school tennis programs at Tucker Elementary School not only exposes kids to the lifelong sport of tennis but it teaches them about the importance of exercise, team play, and hand-eye coordination.  Life values like honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, and patience can be learned from tennis; tennis it isn’t just a sport, it teaches kids about life.

Patrick Escalambre said, “It’s great to bring something like this to the schools.  Tennis is a great sport for kids and will be a sport that lasts a lifetime.  To see the smiles on the kid’s faces is why we do this.”

Are you a teacher or administrator in a school?

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