How does Alexandria VA Fitness and Exercise Actually Boost Energy?

It’s long been touted that exercise and working out can boost energy levels. Which can seem counter intuitive, especially for Alexandria VA fitness beginners. When you are so stretched for time and tired to begin with, how can squeezing in one more thing actually give you more energy? Or better yet, what happens when you kill your workout and feel drained afterward? How does exercise boost energy?

A Simple Biological Explanation

“Researchers have long known that regular exercise increases the number of organelles called mitochondria in muscle cells. Since mitochondria are responsible for generating energy, this numerical boost is thought to underlie many of the positive physical effects of exercise, such as increased strength or endurance.” -Science Daily and the American Physiological Society

Alexandria VA fitness to boost energyExercise also sends oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. This helps your cardiovascular system work as efficiently as possible. And when your heart and lungs are working efficiently, you get more energy.
In simple terms, the more you move the more energy you get back. But all it takes is at least 15 minutes of exercise to see benefits. So think what an hour-long group fitness class can do for you! And this doesn’t just translate to being up to stay up later with your kids’ homework or get in more workouts down the road. More energy also means more mental focus.

Alexandria VA Fitness Helps Combat Mental Exhaustion

Moving beyond the average person and fitness levels, exercise has also been a proven treatment for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It’s estimated that CFS affects about 2 in every 500 adults in the U.S. Symptoms include long-lasting fatigue, headaches, joint pain, poor concentration, poor sleep and issues with short-term memory. In a recent review of studies, it was found that exercise therapy is a more effective treatment for CFS compared to passive treatments or no treatment at all. And the best part, no side effects!

Exercise and fitness boost brainpower!Alexandria VA fitness works to prevent mental fatigue, too. When your brain is over-active, say when you are constantly thinking about your never-ending to-do list or trying to problem solve an issue, mental fatigue can set in. This leads to less concentration, more mistakes, increased stress levels, lack of sleep and sometimes even depression.

One way to prevent mental fatigue and keep yourself in check? Exercise! According to research in Science Daily, exercise boosts mitochondrial numbers in brain cells and makes the brain more resistant to fatigue and all those symptoms. This is also a possible explanation for why exercise improves mental diseases like depression.

The Smart Workout

So what about when you over do it at the gym or kill your workout and don’t feel like you can’t exercise again for days? Since this muscle exhaustion is usually caused by incomplete nutrition and/or metabolic waste build up in your muscle cells, there are a couple tricks to try to fight fatigue.

  • Start out right with pre-workout nutrition including carbs and amino acids, which will help you get through the workout.
  • Add caffeine to help reduce perceived muscle pain.
  • Try shortening your workout. For many people, more than 60 minutes of training can start hurting more than helping. Anabolic hormones are to blame, making muscles

One of the best things you can do you maximize your workout and make sure you’re getting the most energy possible is to work with a personal trainer. A trainer will help you structure your workout to get the most boost without over-exhausting muscles. Then take advantage of the MTVAC nutritionist and nutrition workshops to ensure you’re getting the right pre and post-workout fuel.

Take advantage of your body’s natural ability to be a super energy efficient powerhouse!

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