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Looking for the Best Gym Alexandria VA Has Ever Seen? We’ve been the Fitness Club of Choice for 40+ Years!

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Helping the Alexandria fitness community for over 40 years, MTVAC provides a place to come together and focus on being fit, having fun – come put the focus on yourself for a little while!

What makes MTVAC different is that our members enjoy a safe space to be who they really are, and to share that experience with others who care.

You’ll find a group of people working together for a common goal: better living through exercise and teamwork. Getting in shape and feeling good can be a tall order—you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

That’s why we offer our 360 Start Smart program when you join and support you with FREE quarterly fitness updates with one of our Certified Personal Trainers.

“Everybody here is so friendly and the staff know our names. I like the fact that it’s never crowded and I can get a great workout in and feel great about leaving my child with Celeste in the daycare.”   -Chris Caimano, MTVAC member Hear Alexandria fitness community member Chris Caimano tell his story!

MTVAC is the only gym Alexandria VA that offers:

Want to check us out? You’ll be happy you found us!

We strive to provide a fitness experience that is professional, friendly, motivating and energizing for the whole family!  From our innovative classes and Wellness Spa to our top-of-the line instructors and fitness equipment, see what our members are saying and why our gym has been THE BEST GYM in Alexandria VA and the surrounding area for over 40 years! 

Want to try us out before you buy a membership?  We will provide you with a FREE 7-Day Trial Membership pass!

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MTVAC is More than a Gym!

Our Mount Vernon gym members stay because of the friendly environment and the results they get…we’re more than a gym, we’re an upscale club of fitness-minded people who like to have fun!

  See a sample of one of our BodyPump Classes below: 

Why Exercise?

Regular fitness exercise improves your health in a number of ways. When performed on most days of the week, regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing such things as high blood pressure and diabetes and reduces your risk of dying from heart disease. Not only does regular exercise help control weight, it also helps build and maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles as well as promotes psychological well-being.

But Did You Know Research Shows Group Exercise Can Be More Effective?!

Check out the video for Mom’s Fit Club  (now Called Women’s Fit Club). The Women’s Group Fitness Program is just one of our many innovative programs.

“Exercising with partners or in groups has all sorts of benefits – from the simple act of committing to meet someone to the pleasures of gossiping during a workout. But the endorphin findings help explain how exercise is transformed from a chore to a lifelong habit, and indeed a pleasure, for some people – and suggest one way of getting there.”

Want to Know More or Come Take a Tour?

Contact us at #703-360-7300  or Get Your Free 7 Day Pass

Alexandria Fitness Community & MTVAC

Mount Vernon Athletic Club was commended by the Virginia House of Representatives for being a community leader in the health industry. Our award winning gym offers state-of-the art gym equipment. 

Fitness On Demand Calendar

Just check out our 300+ classes to choose from, including world-renowned LES MILLS classes. We are one of only gyms in the area to feature Fitness on Demand classes – workout on your own schedule in a movie theater-like environment including a 120″ screen and dynamic sound system. Plus with new innovative LES MILLS VIRTUAL, you can take classes from top worldwide coaches right in Mount Vernon! Live, high energy classes are recorded and produced at LES MILLS’ home base in New Zealand and include LES MILLS classics plus new classes for cardio, strength and flexibility.

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