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MTVAC Healthiest employer award for Van Metre imageIs your company healthy, not just the bottom line but your most important asset, your people?  Payroll and healthcare are 2 of the most expensive aspects of running a business. Having healthy employees can help save you money by reducing absenteeism and rates for employee health benefit plans. Besides, healthy employees are happy and productive employees!  Build a MOTIVATED team through group exercise.

We offer incredible value and a name you can trust – we’ve been in the community for 40+ years and even though we’ve won our fair share of awards – *we are most proud of the fact that we helped our client rank #1 in the WBJ Healthiest Business Award in 2013 and make the top 10 in 2014.

Our Programs Helped Van Metre Co’s Win the WBJ Healthiest Employer Award…

Get Your Company Healthy Today: Contact Corporate Wellness Director Jennifer Sorina at or 703-360-7300.

We’re proud to offer special corporate discount partnerships for your employees. Your group or company will enjoy the most diverse amenities and the best personal training in the industry. Contact us today to get your group or company stronger with an Mount Vernon Athletic Club Partnership which includes:

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1. A special discount membership rate for all employees
2. Flexible accounting and reporting options
3. Access and opportunities geared towards employee wellness and benefit solutions

Plus, we offer optional company onsite programming, activity tracking and online wellness communities personalized for your organization.

MTVAC Corporate wellness savings quote and imageThe benefits of health can and will impact your company. From boosting morale to increasing productivity to lowering healthcare premiums, a Corporate Wellness Partnership with MTVAC is the perfect way to strengthen your company by supporting your employees to achieve their individual potential through fitness. Creating an environment that cares about the well being of its employees reaps rewards beyond the workplace, its a benefit that can extend to the whole family.

Corporate Wellness Partnership Benefits:

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  • Gain Productivity — Healthy employees are happier, have more energy, take less sick days and overall are more productive.
  • Engage Empowerment – Employees become motivated to set & achieve goals, excel in their fitness activity, compete and socialize.
  • Support Your Corporate Wellness Initiatives — Reports of activity levels, health gains and healthier lifestyle changes can greatly impact your health insurance premiums; we’ll partner with you to provide the information your insurance company requires to give your organization better rates.
  • Flexible Partnerships — Get the return on investment that a company wellness initiative is meant to achieve; we’ll customize a fitness solution that will work with your current employee wellness offering and evolve with you and the ever changing healthcare landscape.

Get Your Company Healthy Today: Contact Corporate Wellness Director Jennifer Sorina at or 703-360-7300.

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