Complimentary Child Care

As a perk of your Membership at Mt Vernon Athletic Club, you can take advantage of our free childcare services. Want to get your kids active?  Ask about kids programs or try one of our Junior Tennis Camps or Clinics (open to kids as young as 5 years old!).

Mt Vernon Athletic Club

Child Care HoursMt Vernon Athletic Club Child Care

Monday: 9am-9pm

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9am-8:30pm

 Friday: 9:00am–8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am-1pm


Let us take excellent care of your loved ones while you take excellent care of yourselves!


  1. Do you have to sign your child into the child care room? Yes, parents please sign your child in and out when using our childcare room.
  2. Are children allowed after-hours in the childcare room? Children need to be supervised at all time while at the club. Dropping them off in the child care room unsupervised is not allowed.
  3. Can you bring lunch or snacks for your child? Water or juice in a plastic sealable container is fine; however, food is prohibited due to allergies. Children like to share their food with others, and it ‘s a great risk if the food goes to the wrong child.
  4. How long can my child visit the childcare room? There is a 2 hour maximum time allowed for children visiting the childcare room. The staff reserves the right to locate the member after the 2 hour limit has occurred. Parents please pick up your child if he/she cries over a 10-15 minute period. A staff member will locate the parent of the crying child.
  5. Can a member drop off a child and leave the facility? No.  Parents must be in the facility at all times.
  6. Do you have Tennis Clinics and lessons for my child? Yes, keep your eye on our newsletter and Facebook for announcements.

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