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Group Personal Training at MTVAC

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Want a more social environment?  MTVAC Group Personal Training programs are results driven, team oriented, inexpensive and just plain FUN. No matter the goal, we have a program you will LOVE!

Check out the list below of Group Training Classes that we offer – there is something for everyone! We’ve been keeping Alexandria Fit & Healthy for over 40 years!

Intensity Camp: Better than the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had!  This early morning class is intense enough to get you results, yet fun and exhilarating. Get in, get fit and get on with your day!


Training for Tennis:  Do you want to workout by playing a game and having fun?  Then Tennis Training is right for you!  Ask one of our expert trainers about small group training for 2 or more people.  Injury prevention and increased strength for the tennis player.


Weight Loss Program: Each struggle to lose weight is unique. Weight loss can be affected by many factors. No matter your situation, MAXIMUM RESULTS Weight Loss Training Program is a customized plan based on your individual health, history, and lifestyle.


Adventure Race Prep: Life can be a playground again when you join us in the adventure of a lifetime!  Whether alone or with friends and family, adventure race prep (and adventure races) are a great way to get fit and have fun!  Ask one of our expert trainers about small group training for 4 or more people.


Women’s Fit Club: This is a fat-burning combination of cardio and strength training with a special emphasis on core & posture. Even if your little ones are grown or you don’t have kids, this class provides proper instruction for addressing the unique needs of a women’s physique.


 MTVAC – Training Done Right!


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