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The Fitness Program for Kids at MTVAC is called Kidz Move

Fun & Functional

Kidz Move is a personal training fitness program for kids centralized around “fun functional movement.” This class will get your kids moving and will keep them active all while having FUN! Kids in this class will help:

  • Improve all areas of fitness
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Create a healthy foundation in fitness

MTVAC Gym Member Kids Programs

Open To:  Kids 10-13 old who want to get active and have FUN while doing it!

*Small group training classes can be set-up and customized for groups of 4 kids or more people.

For more information call 703.360.7300 or RSVP to  Zach Zyzyk at



S.P.O.R.T.S. Specific TrainingJunior Sports training for kids image at MTVAC

Sports Specific Training is centralized around functional movement and tailored toward specific movements found in all sports.

One of the main reasons people benefit from S.P.O.R.T.S. Training is that they can greatly improve their chances of attaining their athletic goals. Our program provides structure and accountability, and helps to develop a lifestyle that encourages health.  And is not just for sports, but for anyone that wants to become fit, healthy and have fun while becoming a better “athlete.” 

Who Can Benefit?

Open to tweens and teens from 14-18 years old, our small group environment breeds fun and support.  This innovative program  promises results and includes:

  • Group Cardiovascular Training
  • Full-Body Stretch Routine
  • 2 Fitness Evaluations (beginning and end)
  • FMS – Functional Movement Screening
  • Goal Setting & Progress Monitoring

Let us help you achieve all of your athletic goals, including:

  • Move with Efficiency & Improve Strength
  • Gain Confidence & Increase Motivation
  • Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Gain or Lose weight
  • Improve Flexibility & Posture
  • Have fun!

Zach Zyzyk Coaching_MTVAC

About Zach: Having played sports all of his life, Zach Zyzyk, Certified Personal Trainer and Coach, has a training style that reflects the heart of a true athlete.  In fact, that is part of his motto: ‘train like an athlete’ and ‘compete to play’!  Zach played baseball and football all through high school, had the chance to play collegiate Division 2 Football, and is currently the JV Baseball Coach at Mount Vernon High School.  Parents appreciate his easy-going nature and effectiveness with kids of all ages.  Kids have fun and enjoy the structure that he provides.







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