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Dimitris Kollaros, B.S. in Kinesiology, Personal Trainer, General Manager

Personal Training Certification: ISSA (International Sports Science Association)Image of MTVAC PT Department Health Coach, Manager & Department Head, Dimitris Kollaros

My Personal Motto: “Get it Done!”

Dimitris Kollaros focuses on helping everyone from seniors to young athletes develop their talents so that they may recognize and reach their full potential.   With a 
philosophy that emphasizes more than just your physical development, he includes the psychological aspect of training so that you can become more conscious of how you 
prepare, train and perform.  This will help you achieve maximum results!

Dimitris went to New Mexico State University where he played rugby and earned his bachelor degrees in Kinesiology and Sociology. He has owned and operated his 
own training and performance company in New Mexico for over 12 years.  Some of the awards his clients have earned over the past year include:  All State linebacker (high school football), Runner up player of the year and tournament player of the year (high school basketball) First Team ALL SEC (south eastern conference, women’s college 
volleyball), 2 time player of the week SWAC, South Western athletic Conference,  
college basketball).

Interesting Fact: Dimitris was the head strength & conditioning coach to a minor league baseball team, college dance team, and various high school football and basketball teams.  He has also been an assistant strength coach for the football and women’s softball team at New Mexico State University.

Gretchen Thompson: Assistant G.M., Master Trainer, ACEMTVAC - Personal Training Staff - Gretchen Thompson, Master Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Certified–ACE (American Council on Exercise)
Posture Analysis and Correction Certification –the National Posture Institute
ACE Functional Body and Assessment Certification

I believe the way to a long thriving life is to keep active.   If I can make someone excited about moving their whole outlook on life will change – besides, I absolutely love making people feel great!  Where else can you play all day and change people’s lives?

30+ years of experience, numerous certifications and my love for coaching and helping others translates to a workout that is thorough, safe and fun – my clients experience amazing results.

Interesting Fact: I am the head coach for the Forest Park High School Crew Team and was selected Coach of the Year for 2010 for Prince William County High School Crew.  I started my career in the health field as a nurse.

Additional Certifications:
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Instructor Certification
Step Reebok Certification, Les Mills Body Pump Certification
Reebok Core Training, ESA Slide Certification
Hard Style Kettlebell Certification
BOSU Integrated Balance Training Specialty Certification
A.A.A.I.  I.S.A.M. Group Stationary Cycling,
Functional Movement Screening Certification

Want to know more about Gretchen?  Check out this post!


Steve Stafilatos: Personal Training / Fitness Supervisor, Personal Trainer, ACE MTVAC - Personal Training Staff - Steve Stafilatos, CPT

Personal Trainer Certified- ACE (American Council on Exercise), CPR/AED certification

My Personal Motto: You can never fail if you don’t quit… Never quit!

Throughout the years, I have helped clients by using many physical and motivational techniques; I have developed a balance to assist each individual. I like to incorporate a lot of functional training, free weights, as well as plyometric jumps and bounds during workouts. This produces an increase in strength and endurance, which will help achieve desired results. Additionally, I have experience in sport specific training that allows me to tailor fitness programs to each client.

Interesting Fact: As a semi-professional basketball player in Greece, I had the opportunity to work with some amazing athletic trainers. These individuals not only pushed me physically and mentally they sparked my interest in personal training.


Norma Morena Dominguez: Personal Trainer, AAAI-ISMA

MTVAC Personal Trainer Norma Morena DominguezMy personal motto: Don’t let what’s on the outside, get on your inside.

My motto is to combine both faith and fitness in one mind set, so that your exercise regimen will work out for your greater good. My goal is to help you meet your everyday goals by teaching you strength training, cardio and body mechanics. I want my clients to have faith in themselves physically and mentally. The most important thing is to be consistent and dedicated to your goals. Accept where you are in your life and know that you have the power and authority to change your mind and your body. Show up and be faithful to yourself. Never give up on you. I like to remind people: you are abundantly blessed!

Additional Certifications:
Senior Personal Training Certification with American Senior Fitness Association

Hablo español.

Mi lema: No dejes que lo que esté en tu exterior entre en tu interior.

Mi lema es combinar tanto la fe como la aptitud en una sola mentalidad, así que su régimen de ejercicios se resuelve para tu bien. Mi meta es ayudarte a lograr tus metas: enseñarte el entrenamiento de fuerza, cardio y mecánica corporal. Quiero que mis clientes tengan fe en sí mismos física y mentalmente. Lo más importante es ser constante y fiel a tus metas. Acepta dónde estás en la vida y sé que tienes el poder y la autoridad de cambiar tu mente y tu cuerpo. Preséntate en el gimnasio y sé fiel a ti mismo. Nunca te rindas. Eres abundantemente bendecido.

Datos de interés:Tuve muchas oportunidades en la coreografía. Ayudé a establecer en Pennsylvania una organización sin fines de lucro para los niños y los jóvenes de minoría que estaban interesados en el arte, la música y el baile. Mis aficiones son la música, el baile, la cocina, el ajedrez, el gimnasio, jugar Legos con mi hija e ir al campo de tiro.Me encanta aprender sobre las culturas distintas.

Cualificación: Certificación Entrenamiento Personal con la AAAI-ISMA Fitness (Asociación Internacional Americana de los Ejercicios Aeróbicos- Asociación Internacional de la Medicina Deportiva)
Certificación Entrenamiento Personal Superior con la Asociación Americana de la Salud para los ancianos

Ryan Fearson: Personal Trainer, NASM

MTVAC Personal Trainer Ryan FearsonMy personal motto: The body achieves what the mind believes.

I’m a trainer who believes in the power of good nutrition and consistent dedication to achieve fitness goals. If you believe you can do it, all it takes is work and consistency.

I have a background in martial arts and High School wrestling and I’m currently pursuing a B.S. in Kinesiology at George Mason University. I’m passionate about the science of human movement and strength development. I focus on improving the posture, movement, and strength of my clients through the use of assessments and specifically-tailored fitness plans for each individual’s goals. I’m interested in helping my clients lose weight, gain balance, build strength, and develop confidence to get the most out of life!

Interesting Fact: I’m also a member of SAG (Screen Actors’ Guild) and have worked in television, film, and theater productions over the last 15+ years.

Patricia Brown: Personal Trainer, M.S. Exercise Science

My personal motto: If you’re going to do it, make it worth it!

As a former kinesiology professor, I bring a background of cutting-edge science to your workouts. I love working with all levels of fitness and I individualize each session to help clients achieve their maximum potential. I bring a smile and an encouraging word to every workout.

I wholeheartedly believe that exercise is the key to a long, functional life! I love helping people achieve their fitness goals. The key to achieving success is to develop healthy habits that fit your lifestyle. If you change one habit at a time, you will be amazed at how fast you see changes in your life.

I am a female Tony Horton in the gym, come workout with me!

Interesting Fact: I have a M.S. in Exercise Science from Texas State University. I’m a former college volleyball player, now I coach 11/12 year-olds for Ft. Hunt and St. Louis CYO. I’m a Military Wife and mother of two. I’m also a co-owner of Body Evidence Scans – a 3D body scanner that tracks everything from your measurements to caloric deficits. The perfect way to track results!

Brenda Simon: Personal Trainer, AFAAMTVAC - Personal Training Staff - Brenda SImon, CPT

AFAA Personal Trainer Certification, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification

By assessing and targeting each client’s personal needs, I help them reach their specific goals.  Each session is specifically designed to work toward their goal.  Also I help clients focus their eating habits by making healthy choices and help them develop lifestyle changes to make fitness a part of their lives outside of the gym.

Clients feel empowered when I tell them that my entire family is overweight and I chose to pursue fitness so that I could maintain health – it is possible and they can do it too!

Interesting Fact: I’ve spent two years cycling around Asia, Africa and Europe. I am passionate about rowing and won a gold medal in the 500 meter sprint at the 2018 World Rowing Indoor Championships.

Additional Certifications:
Balanced Body Pilates Mat & Reformer Certification
Spin certification

Farshid Radnia: Personal Trainer and Body Building Coach

Board certified personal trainer from Action, personal training program

My Personal Motto: Being healthy and taking care of our bodies is an important part of helping to prevent illness, disease, injuries and make us able to do everyday activities with more ease and enjoyment.

With over 10 years experience in personal training, body anatomy, fitness education workout programs, weight management, and a comprehensive understanding of dietary supplements and sport nutrition, I am able to help clients with many aspects of health and fitness.

I specialize in working with older adults as well as people with special needs (diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc.), and  I will design a tailored exercise program for each individual that reflects the client’s objectives, fitness level, and experience.

By assessing and targeting each client’s personal needs, I help them reach their specific goals.  Each session is specifically designed to work toward their goal.  Also I help clients focus their eating habits by making healthy choices and help them develop lifestyle changes to make fitness a part of their lives outside of the gym.

Interesting Fact: I am a board certified medical assistant and Clients feel empowered when I tell them that my entire family is overweight and I chose to pursue fitness so that I could maintain health – it is possible and they can do it too!

Additional Certifications:
Bachelors degree in physical education

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