Why check out MTVAC? You can’t find a better variety of Alexandria VA fitness programs!

Alexandria VA fitness programs put fun and results back into fitnessFrom beginners to seasoned training pros, we can all get a little bored with our workouts. Our bodies agree – doing the same function and exercises over and over again can lead to injuries and plateaus in results. So when you choose a fitness club, it’s important to consider all that the club has to offer. Can you get personal training and group fitness classes, or specific sport training? What about nutrition guidance and FREE childcare to help busy parents get moving? MTVAC is the answer! From our staff to our facilities – we have all the best Alexandria VA fitness programs under one roof!

Get in the Group: Alexandria VA Fitness Programs

When you’re looking for a new way to workout, there’s nothing quite like diving into a group fitness class. Working out in a group has been shown to boost motivation, provide the structure you may need to keep a fitness program going strong (especially for workout beginners), hold you accountable to doing your best and insert a little fun into fitness. Depending on the class and size, you may also get the added personal training bonus of learning the correct form for some tried and true exercises, helping you to keep you injury free both inside the studio and on your own.

Sometimes all you need to boost your fitness program is a little camaraderie. Women’s Fit Club is the perfect place for women of all ages and fitness levels to get a wide variety of workouts in, share the struggle, celebrate little victories and keep each other going. Smaller classes mean more attention to fitness, form and function, too!

But maybe you have a hectic work schedule and there are no class times that work for you. Or you want to try out a class on your own first before committing to working out with other members. Fitness on Demand is the perfect solution! Choose from over 300 classes, including classics from Les Mills and the popular P90x. Check out some members using FOD, here!

Take your Training to the Tennis Courts

The social learning and training isn’t just in the gym or for adults, either! MTVAC is part of the USTA Mid-Atlantic region and offers tons of tennis programs, clinics, camps and workshops for players of all ages and abilities. Not to mention the best indoor tennis courts in the area, for when the DC weather is not cooperating with your training schedule.

Many MTVAC members also take advantage of our tennis programs AND personal training to get targeted cross training. When you work out more than just the muscles and movements needed in your sport, your entire fitness level increases while your risk for injury decreases. Plus, you’ll get stronger for your favorite sport. For example, check out MTVAC personal trainer Zach Zyzyk demonstrating how a few specific training moves can make you more of a powerhouse on the tennis courts:

Whether you’re into group fitness classes, one-on-one personal training or need some nutrition guidance, MTVAC is a one stop shop for Alexandria VA fitness programs. Because a well-rounded and results-driven program includes more than just one element. Wondering if MTVAC is the right fit for you? Try us for FREE for 7 days!

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