Blue Chip Tennis Coaches Training at the Davis Cup

Elite Tennis Coaches Training Builds Blue Chip Programming

It's the start of coaches training for Tim Bainton and Jeremy Carl arriving at the airportTim and Jeremy were involved in the USTA High Performance Continuing Education Program February 3-5, 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama. The tennis coaches training program was held in conjunction with the Davis Cup Tie between the United States and Switzerland, which the US won 5-0.It's not only coaches training but opening ceremonies for the Davis Cup

Presentations by Industry Leading Coaches and Tennis Experts

Tim Bainton and Jeremy Carl were involved in lectures, meetings, match analysis and discussions with the goal of creating an experience that addresses USTA Coaches Training Program gets underway in the "classroom"current trends in technique, tactics and training.  USTA department staff, sport science experts, and top national coaches were involved in the program’s curriculum.

Each day included group discussions and presentations in the morning by leading coaches and experts such as Jay Berger, former ATP player, Head of Men’s Tennis for USTA and coach with USA Davis Cup team.  Also presenting was Dr.  Mark Kovacs, a performance physiologist, researcher, professor, author, speaker and coach with an extensive background in training and researching elite athletes.  Rounding it out was Eric Butorac, former top ten ATP doubles player and leading expert on doubles strategy and tactics.

Application and Analyzation

Through these speakers, Jeremy and Tim were able to participate in discussions on applying current elite coaching trends to daily coaching, After coaches training, BCTA tennis pros enjoy the 2017 Davis Cupinjury prevention philosophy and methods, and communication in doubles and advanced doubles strategy.  After the morning workshop each day, the two Blue Chip Tennis coaches enjoyed watching and analyzing the Davis Cup matches.

Coach Jeremy, his daughter Maggie and coach Tim at the Davis cup! Fun mixed with really amazing coaches training. Blue Chip tennis coaches just keep getting better!


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