free weight training to build strength

How to Flex your Fitness Routine with Weight Training

Why add weight training to your fitness routine? Weight training allows you to do more than just build and flex those muscles – it also helps prevent injuries while enhancing aerobic conditioning and even sleep!

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Gym and fitness clothes for women

The Best Gym and Fitness Clothes for Your Workout

Before you get dressed in gym and fitness clothes for your workout, consider what you’ll be doing and the conditions. Choose functional fabrics and a fit that is perfect for running, tennis, yoga or group fitness.

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Moms Fit Club at Mount Vernon Athletic Club

Fitness Trends of 2017 that are Here to Stay!

Do you wear a heart rate monitor or step counter? Do you listen to guided workouts while at the gym, or participate in a group sweat session? Then you may be helping to make these 2017 fitness trends so popular!

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Alexandria VA fitness programs put fun and results back into fitness

Where can you find the best fitness classes in Alexandria? MTVAC of course!

Need to re-balance and stretch out with yoga? Or work on your form and function with some strength training? Maybe just dance the stress away for an hour? MTVAC has the best fitness classes to choose from every day of the week!

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MTVAC Supporting the Community

Rooted in the Mount Vernon Community – How MTVAC Takes Care of its Members

From supporting Mount Vernon community events to helping MTVAC members raise funds for the causes closest to them, MTVAC is firmly rooted in the Greater Alexandria community.

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Healthy food from Territory Food

Fuel Your Fitness with Territory Healthy Food Made Just for You

Do you want healthy food and complete meals, but have no time to cook? Territory Foods is the perfect fitness fuel and nutrition solution. Local chefs prepare healthy meals based on local ingredients, then deliver direct to MTVAC! Try it now, the first meal is FREE!

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Jeremy Carl, One of USTA Mid-Atlantic Top Tennis Coaches

Jeremy Carl Continues to Prove He’s One of Top Tennis Coaches in the USTA Mid-Atlantic

Jeremy Carl recently coached the USTA Zone Team Championships, a prestigious tournament for both the top-ranked junior tennis players and the top tennis coaches in the USTA who were chosen to participate.

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Gym Program for Rehabilitation after Physical Therapy

How do you Transition from Physical Therapy to a Gym Program?

After a chronic injury, illness or surgery, it can be difficult to transition from physical therapy to a gym program. To make exercise work for you, follow these key tips for building a successful gym program that helps you recover and get stronger.

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Blue Chip Alum Shows Others How to Win a Junior Tennis Tournament

How to Win a Junior Tennis Tournament – MTVAC Success Story

Blue Chip Alum Shows Others How to Win a Junior Tennis Tournament Ask Asya Gunertem How to win a junior tennis tournament and she’ll tell you it’s about hard work, good tennis training, and dedication. Ask one of her Blue Chip Tennis Coaches at Mount Vernon Athletic Club and they’ll tell you its her enthusiasm. Either way, […]

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How to lose weight the healthy way!

Fit Food: How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Wondering how to lose weight the healthy way? These six tips will not only get you in shape but help you slim down and even get more sleep for total health and wellness!

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