Staying Healthy: Stroke Awareness at MTVAC Helps Members Maintain Healthy Life

Do you know what stroke is, the symptoms to look for, or how to prevent it? Inova Mount Vernon Hospital helped educate MTVAC members on stroke and even offered blood pressure checks – the best way to prevent stroke.

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A Year’s Worth of Workout Plans from Your Alexandria Fitness Pros!

Bored with the treadmill and tired of the same weight routine? Try MTVAC’s RTG: Results Training Guide. Get a month of workout plans directly from Alexandria personal trainers!

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Blast Through Your 2018 Goals with Personal Fitness Training and BES

By using Body Evidence Scans (BES) along with customized personal fitness training, you can better work towards your specific results fitness goals… then exceed them!

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Professional Tennis Coach Guide to Coaching

What Can a Professional Tennis Coach Do for a Youth Tennis Player?

Want to play tennis in college? A professional tennis coach can help you hone your skills and harness your power to play confidently and successfully on the tennis courts.

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Junior Tennis Camps at MTVAC

Junior Tennis Camps Score Big with Tennis Players of All Ages

Kids get a boost in self esteem, motor conditioning, flexibility and cardio when they participate in holiday junior tennis camps at MTVAC!

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Personal Fitness Training Progress with BES

MTVAC Helps Chris Caimano Boost His Personal Fitness Training

For the Camanos, a family friendly gym is most important. The family joined MTVAC and loves to take advantage of features like free childcare and the body evidence scans to track personal fitness training progress, especially body composition changes.

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Nutrition Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Tackle the Holidays Head-on to Minimize Winter Weight Gain

Be mindful of what you are eating, enjoy it, and make sure to get in some healthy options – just a few Nutritionist tips to help you avoid winter weight gain!

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How to lose belly fat - woman measuring muffin top

5 Tips to Lose Belly Fat with Physical Training and Nutrition

Stressed out and no idea where to begin to lose belly fat? Follow these five lifestyle tips to get you on your way to meeting your maximum fitness results.

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MTVAC Ladies Compete in Wanderlust

MTVAC Personal Trainer Puts Physical Training Skills to the Test at Wanderlust Triathlon

MTVAC members and friends joined GM Gretchen Thompson at the Wanderlust 108 Triathlon. A 5K followed by 90-minute yoga flow and 30-minute meditation took more than just physical training!

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MTVAC Supporting the Community

Fitness Club Membership to Management: MTVAC Staff Spotlight

Brandon Coleman took his tennis and fitness club membership and turned it into the perfect job. Now he gets to interact with other members and help new members as the Membership Intake and Relations Manager!

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