Fun with your gym workout

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Gym Workout…

You might not think of exercise as funny – but just wait until you see these videos of funny fitness faux pas! From babies lifting weights to a Beagle trying the treadmill – here’s what NOT to do at MTVAC!

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tennis ball spin experiment at MTVAC

Youth Tennis Player Tests the Effects of Tennis Ball Spin on Bounce on MTVAC Tennis Courts

Ever wonder if the tennis ball spin effects its bounce? Mike Oelschlager and Alex Echeverri did, so they tested it out for their regional science fair experiment, right on the MTVAC tennis courts!

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MTVAC Zumba Classes Rock!

What Makes Zumba Classes Such an Awesome Gym Workout?

Zumba classes are known as a fitness party and are likely to keep people coming back. Classes also boast a good workout that can help with weight loss, coordination and even self esteem.

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Tennis Pro Tips from MTVAC Alexandria VA Tennis Club

Learn the Secret Tennis Pro Tips That Every Tennis Legend Uses!

Tennis is about so much more than just making contact with the ball. Here we share some top tennis pro tips from Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Serena Williams and our own MTVAC tennis coaches!

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Group fitness or group therapy? Fitness Alexandria, VA

Never Done a Gym Workout? 5 Things You Need to Know

From scheduling in rest days to keeping things fun, here are five things you should know when starting a gym workout program for the first time.

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MTVAC Welcomes New Tennis Pro Greg Donabedian and Tennis Ball Equipment

We are pleased to welcome tennis pro Greg Donabedian to our renowned team of expert coaches and trainers. Plus, you might see some new pieces of equipment to help you with your game!

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How to Use the Gym for Athletic Performance Training

Do you have four weeks? Then you can work in athletic performance training for a 5k or 10k. Make the most of your runs with threshold and race pace workouts, then strength train twice a week.

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Fitness results for summer beach body

Fitness Results: Now’s the Time to Get Summer Beach Body Ready!

It will be swimsuit season before you know it. Now is the time to combine cardio with strength training and health eating to see your fitness results by this summer.

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Brenda Simon represents Mount Vernon athletics

Mount Vernon Athletics in Full Swing this Spring!

Already a busy and accomplished year for our MTVAC staff. From PTR Young Professional of the Year, to featured presentations and winning golf tournaments – Mount Vernon athletics are in full swing at MTAVC!

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Professional Tennis Coach Kelly Sykes Named PTR Young Professional of the Year

MTVAC professional tennis coach Kelly Sykes was named Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Young Professional of the Year! The award was given at the International Tennis Symposium in Hilton Head Island, SC in February 2018. Read more about him here!

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