MTVAC Fun Fitness - Chamber Celebration

MTVAC Leads Alexandria Community Celebration in Zumba Fitness Party Extravaganza!

The Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce hosted its first community celebration on Saturday October, 19th 2013. Participants at the event included you’re very own Mount Vernon Athletic Club! A lot of fun was had by the families in the local community.

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10 Top Secret Fitness Tips to Keep Weight Off During the Holidays

Check out these fitness tips that will help you stay lean during the holiday eating season and are sureto keep the weight off all year long!

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MTVAC Testimonial Picture - Linda_Odell_pic

Linda Odell

Kudos to Jeremy Carl for a great tennis lesson this morning. I made the winning bid for an hour long session with him at the Swing for Pink Charity Event at the club. Jeremy is insightful and focused and was able to identify and correct some key problems with my game. Watch out future partners and thank you, Jeremy! – Linda Odell

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MTVAC Testimonial Picture - Tracy_Frost_closeup_pic1

Tracy Frost

I’ve been training with Lucie Vajglova and couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen in such a short amount of time!

MTVAC Testimonial Picture – Tracy_Frost_tire_pic4The most impressive quality about the trainers is the way they really care about you meeting you personal fitness goals. It’s not one size fits all training. Lucie actually went on YouTube and found videos of past Super Spartan races and noted the specific types of obstacles that were used. She tailored my training to include exercises specific to those obstacles, which I was extremely grateful for during the tire flip, sandbag carry, and rope climb.

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MTVAC Testimonial Picture - Ronald_Ocean_pic

Ronald H. Ocean

I recently came to MTVAC at the recommendation of my cardiologist. I am 67 and in god health, but in very poor physical condition – overweight and inactive. I had never been to a gym before. Through a friend’s recommendation, I worked out the past two months with (MTVAC certified personal trainer) Nosa Evbuomwan.

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MTVAC Weight Loss Training Testimonial Picture - Shawn_Fouladi

Weight Loss Training Success Story – Shawn Fouladi

A customized weight loss training program at MTVAC helps Shawn Fouladi lose 100 pounds in 8 months. A before & after weight loss success story.

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MTVAC - Success Stories - Linda Lindsay

Linda Lindsay

Thank you to all the people at the gym. Thank you for the training, for listening on a bad day or helping find a healthy snack. You leave MTVAC tired but in a good way – in the way of, WOW I just accomplished something. Thank you!!!!!!! ~Linda Lindsay

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MTVAC Testimonial Picture - Brad_Brownson_testimonial_pic

Brad Brownson

My training experience with William Vogel has more than exceeded my expectations. Will was very attentive to my fitness goals and his knowledge and expertise has provided me with all the tools I need to achieve them.

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MTVAC Testimonial Picture - Mary_Lou_Sage_pic

Mary Lou Sage

I have been a member since 1993. I have enjoyed every minute of my membership. The entire staff is always smiling, polite and helpful all of the time.

I have personally worked with and had lessons with Tim Bainton and Patrick Escambre and they are both the best coaches ever. They are professional, polite, funny and are both fabulous coaches.

I have taken personal training with Gretchen Thompson and she is an outstanding teacher and fun to be with and is an expert in her field.

My daughter did a summer training with Lauren Milner and she was fabulous. My daughter was so happy with her. I was also thrilled with the sincere care she gave my daughter.

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MTVAC Testimonial Picture - Cynthia_Leonard_thumbnail_pic

Cynthia (Cindy) Leonard

I am honored to tell anyone about MTVAC, you guys are great! If we had not met you [Jaime] on that first night we may not be members today. You were so nice with us from that first meeting, we appreciate your kindness. Making the decision to check out a gym is a big step for many of us and you made this step seem like a piece of cake. Thank you!!!!!!

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