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Brenda Simon represents Mount Vernon athletics

Mount Vernon Athletics in Full Swing this Spring!

Already a busy and accomplished year for our MTVAC staff. From PTR Young Professional of the Year, to featured presentations and winning golf tournaments – Mount Vernon athletics are in full swing at MTAVC!

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Professional Tennis Coach Kelly Sykes Named PTR Young Professional of the Year

MTVAC professional tennis coach Kelly Sykes was named Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Young Professional of the Year! The award was given at the International Tennis Symposium in Hilton Head Island, SC in February 2018. Read more about him here!

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Professional Tennis Coach Guide to Coaching

What Can a Professional Tennis Coach Do for a Youth Tennis Player?

Want to play tennis in college? A professional tennis coach can help you hone your skills and harness your power to play confidently and successfully on the tennis courts.

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MTVAC Ladies Compete in Wanderlust

MTVAC Personal Trainer Puts Physical Training Skills to the Test at Wanderlust Triathlon

MTVAC members and friends joined GM Gretchen Thompson at the Wanderlust 108 Triathlon. A 5K followed by 90-minute yoga flow and 30-minute meditation took more than just physical training!

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MTVAC Supporting the Community

Fitness Club Membership to Management: MTVAC Staff Spotlight

Brandon Coleman took his tennis and fitness club membership and turned it into the perfect job. Now he gets to interact with other members and help new members as the Membership Intake and Relations Manager!

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Club Business International - Tim Bainton Stands Tall Among Tennis Leaders

Club Business International Spotlights Tim Bainton as a Standout Among Tennis Leaders Making a Difference

What does it take to be among the most influential tennis leaders? Club Business International sat down with MTVAC’s own Tim Bainton to find out. From seven-year-old tennis player to club business guru, Tim has led the way in tennis and club success.

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USTA Mid-Atlantic & MTVAC Coach Jeremy Carl

BCTA Coach Jeremy Carl Chosen as Coach at USTA Mid-Atlantic National EDC Orange Ball 3-Camp Series

Coach Jeremy Carl was just selected as one of the coaches at the USTA Mid-Atlantic National EDC Orange Ball 3-Camp series – a National Camp Structure that aims to provide opportunities for the top local U10 athletes to train together. Focus is on fundamentals and overall athletic skill development.

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Watching the 2017 Davis Cup after Coaches Training

Blue Chip Tennis Coaches Training at the Davis Cup

Blue Chip Tennis Coaches Tim Bainton and Jeremy were involved in the USTA High Performance Continuing Education Program February 3-5, 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama. The tennis coaches training program was held in conjunction with the Davis Cup, which USA won!

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Use Functional Movement Group Fitness to Prevent Injuries!

Functional Movement Systems involves testing seven basic body movements to check for weakness and asymmetries. Then a series of corrective exercises are used to help athletes at all levels restore flexibility, strength and balance. Personal Trainer Zack Zyzyk leads a Functional Movement group fitness class at MTVAC.

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Jeremy and Tim at Davis Cup

Davis Cup Coaches: Making Burke Racquet and Mount Vernon Tennis Club Proud

Blue Chip Sports Management founder Tim Bainton and Burke Raquet and Swim Club Head Tennis Pro Jeremy Carl were proud to represent Mount Venron tennis club at an elite USTA coaching program. The USTA High Performance Continuing Education Program was held during the Davis Cup, so the coaches had a chance to hear from Jay Berger, a Davis Cup coach, as well as talk trends, strategy and training.

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