Success Stories

Fitness Training to Stay Young – Mr. & Mrs. Lerner Member Success Story

Although they’ve been missing in fitness training action over the last year, we’re proud to announce that Mr. and Mrs. Lerner are back at MTVAC! Some medical issues have kept them away, but Milt’s doctor claims it’s his exercise that has kept him going.

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Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Movement for group fitness

Functional Movement and Corrective Exercise Tips from MTVAC Personal Trainer

MTVAC personal trainer Zach Zyzyks offers FMS and corrective exercise tips to improve posture, movement, mobility and function. FMS helps with rehab and improving current form while also preventing injuries.

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smart health and fitness tips through nutrition

5 Tips for Holiday Eating, Health and Fitness – Cheers!

Holiday weight gain is all too common for many of us So what’s the trick to eating over the holidays but keeping those dreaded season pounds off? Start a Health and Fitness Program Now, Including Nutrition

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Leann Creppon was looking for a judgement free gym and personal trainer

Personal Trainer and Personal Workouts Motivate MTVAC Member LeAnn Creppon

Member LeAnn Creppon uses MTVAC for a personal trainer, group fitness classes and the mindset of keeping a health and fitness lifestyle. She’s been able to learn new workouts and has brought all the pieces together for a complete plan.

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Topspin Groundstrokes in Tennis Doubles

Tennis coaches are often found telling their players to add more topspin to their shots. Topspin groundstrokes are definitely shots that are welcome in the singles game BUT for doubles, the strategy is a bit different. Learn more with out Tennis Tip.

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BCTA Junior Player Dominates In Her Tennis Tournament

Anya Ambarish won the Fairfax Racquet Club 14U Tennis Tournament on August 13-14 2016.  She played in the 14 and under division and is one of Blue Chip Tennis Academy’s young rising stars. She has been training with Coach Jeremy Carl for the past few years in our High Performance Program. Inside the Mind of […]

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Tennis Tournament Winner

BRSC Junior Player Takes First In Tennis Tournament

Blue Chip player, Jonathan Ngo, took home first place in the BCTA Junior Open Tennis Tournament with the support of his coaches and tennis training at BCTA.

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Personal Trainer, Dimitris Kollaros, coaches Proper Squat Stance to his client

Proper Squat Stance: Personal Training Tip

One of the common mistakes in a squat is to shoot the knees forward. In this video MTVAC Personal Trainer, Dimitris Kollaros, coaches his client to ensure proper Squat Stance technique is being used in order to optimize generating strength.

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Mud bath after the race

MTVAC Makes Health and Fitness Fun for Janna Lau

Janna Lau and her family have been MTVAC members for three years. Janna takes advantage of the personal trainers, group fitness classes, free child care and social events all under one roof, and all promoting balances in both health and fitness.

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Tennis Lessons: Anna Carter Serves Up Success

Anna Carter recently lost 18 pounds and when asked about her diet secret, she proudly exclaims “TENNIS with JASON!”

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