Tennis Tips

Tennis Tip: Keep Things Simple

Keeping things simple can simplify your game and make you play better tennis. Check this tennis tip out provided by Chase Leblanc from Blue Chip Tennis Academy

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Tennis Tip from Andres

Tennis Tip: Preparation

Preparation is one of the most important things in tennis. Check out this tennis tip on preparation and all the Blue Chip Tennis Academy tips to help improve your game!

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Backhand Tennis Tips: Get Power in Your Backhand – It’s All About the Legs!

Learn some great tennis tips from the staff at MTVAC. Here Julie tells you why it’s all about the legs!

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Mount Vernon Athletic Club, Tennis Instruction by David Bryan

Tennis Instruction: Footwork for Serving

Tennis Instruction: Your footwork for serving is essential to improve balance and stability during your service motion.

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Patrick Escalambre | MTVAC Senior Teaching Professional

Know Your Tennis Strings

Choosing the right combination of tennis string will help take your game to the next level. Our team of knowledgeable professionals can point you in the right direction

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Mount Vernon Athletic Club Tennis Pro Jeremy Carl

Tennis Tip: Racquet Care

Tips for tennis racquets. Treat your racquet right with these Do’s and don’ts and your racquet will “return” the favor!

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Tennis Tip: Keeping Your Head Still

Keeping Your Head Still… When placing our shots, it’s important to remember to keep your eye on the ball / contact point, and to not prematurely take your eyes off the ball / contact point. Tennis Games: Fun Drill Try placing a cone on top of your head and have a friend feed a couple […]

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Mount Vernon Athletic Club

Tennis Tip: How and Who Should Cover the Middle

Who Should Cover the Middle? Ever wondered who should cover the middle in doubles? Read Michael Harper’s tennis tip for doubles players below. It’s 30-all and your team is serving. Both you and your partner, being the great doubles players that you are, you both move to the net and your opponent rips a forehand […]

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Mount Vernon tennis pro Jeremy Carl

Tennis Tip: Groundstroke Swing Path

Angle of Attack Attack From Low To High On groundstrokes, the swing path for both the forehand and backhand should be low to high.  This upward angle of attack will ensure that you lift the ball over the net and it helps create topspin. So next time you play, be aware of how your racquet […]

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Mount Vernon Athletic Club

Tennis Tip: Pursuing the Ball

Today’s Tennis Tip is about pursuing the ball! Watch Your Movement As a net player in doubles or singles, movement on the court is key. IF you’re the net person in the point, make sure you’re shifting your attention from the NET person when your PARTNER is hitting the ball to the BASELINER when they are hitting the […]

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