Get Fit and STAY FIT with Complementary Fitness Alexandria, VA Programs!

We all know getting in shape can be hard. Sometimes it’s finding the time, other times it’s just getting over the hump of starting. But fitness Alexandria, VA is that much easier when you’re a member of Mount Vernon Athletic Club!

Complementary Fitness Alexandria, VA – Get Fit and STAY Fit!

Fitness 360 Start Smart Program at MTVAC in Alexandria VAJoining MTVAC certainly has its perks. From the newly remodeled gym to the group fitness classes, personal training and FREE child care. But did you know there are complementary fitness programs, too? As a part of our ongoing commitment to our members, we provide complementary fitness services both when you join the club and every quarter thereafter.

With our exclusive 360 Start Smart program, we help you get over that initial fitness hurdle with a multi-pronged approach to your health. It’s not just about cardio or learning how to life wights, or nutrition or building up stamina. They all work together for a 360-degree view of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Complimentary Fitness Alexandria, VA ProgramsFirst, we start with a fitness assessment. You don’t know how you’ve improved unless you know where you started from! In our fitness assessment, we’ll determine your body age by reviewing your body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. Then it’s on to nutrition. In the Eating for Energy seminar, you’ll learn how food affects you and strategies for getting more energy from what you consume. Our nutrition expert will bust food myths and answer any questions you may have about eating balanced meals.

The last step in the start up program is the equipment orientation. Whether you were a star athlete in college or have never been in a gym before, this educational component is helpful for everyone. You’ll learn about the different types of equipment and what each each move targets. You’ll also learn how to structure your workouts to best meet your goals. And when you meet and exceed those goals, it’s time to be rewarded! Let your sore muscles and stress melt away during a complementary 30-minute massage!

Keep it Going Strong with Quarterly Fitness Updates

Really the biggest difference between our program and other Alexandria, VA gyms is that we care about our members and their progress. Studies show that tracking progress leads to bigger gains and maintained motivation, and we’re right on board with that logic! We also offer complementary fitness updates every quarter. You get a 30-minute consultation with an MTVAC personal trainer to track your progress and follow up with any questions. Pick one area to concentrate on: cardiovascular, strength or flexibility. In cardiovascular updates, learn high intensity interval training or how to use your favorite cardio equipment in a new way. With an emphasis on strength, you can learn super sets that take your workout to the next level. And with flexibility, the trainer can focus on specific stretches to implement in your workout that will help you progress and stay injury-free.

But that’s not nearly all we offer! Outside of the start up and quarterly update, there are additional programs to take advantage of. Any time you see a personal trainer around, ask a question. Interested in trying out one of our specialty group fitness classes to mix things up? Grab a free group training class pass to try out Women’s Fit Club, Intensity Camp and more fun approaches to fitness. And tune into our Facebook page for health and workout tips, like this one from personal trainer Patricia Brown for Heart Health month.

Our members agree – our complementary fitness Alexandria, VA programs keep them motivated, strong and fit! Sign up to get started or update program with a client coordinator and get ready to see your fitness soar!

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