Early Preparation for Tennis

Importance of Early Preparation in Tennis

Whether you are a professional or a club player, all shots have to start somewhere.  The backswing in the forehand is essential to get the stroke started.  Therefore, early preparation in tennis is key to making sure you complete the backswing to get yourself in perfect position to strike the ball.

Early Preparation in tennis

Why is Early Preparation Important?

Early preparation in tennis ensures that you complete your backswing.  Completing your backswing will improve your rhythm and timing.  Most players who take the racquet back late don’t hit solid shots. They don’t complete their backswing, don’t get a full shoulder turn, tend to rush and muscle the stroke, and more importantly their contact point is late.

Two check points for earlier preparation:

  1. As soon as your opponent strikes the ball, start taking the racquet back as you move to the ball.

  2. When the ball bounces on your side, you should have already completed your backswing.

The next time you are on the court, try preparing your racquet earlier.  This will not only improve your shot but will improve your timing as well.

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MTVAC Blue Chip Tennis Pro Ben ChimezieAbout Ben Chimezie: Ben Chimezie joins the Blue Chip Tennis Academy (BCTA) team as a Resident Teaching Professional. Focusing on the junior tennis player, he helped develop many young athletes between the ages of eight and sixteen. In 2016, he joined the Blue Chip Tennis Academy staff working with both juniors and adults. His focus is to make sure that every player, whether they are young or old, is able to bring out their true tennis ability and to ensure they excel in their match play while developing their unique style.


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