Can A Fitness Club Cure the Winter Blues?

We all know exercise is good for us. It boosts energy, lowers fat, strengthens your heart, helps you loose weight and maybe even gives you that sought after meditation or thinking time to yourself. But did you know exercise is also a proven cure for the blues? As you look outside in the dreary and gray seasonal weather surrounding our fitness club in Alexandria, VA, doesn’t a cure for the winter blues sound just about perfect?!

Fitness Brain Boost

Regular workouts at MTVAC, a fitness club Alexandria Va, can boost brainpower with fitness and exercise!Aside from helping you to stay lean and mean, exercise is proving to be a great way to combat a number of medical conditions, including the blues or depression. A recent TIME magazine article highlights a few key ways exercise affects the body and how it makes you feel good. Turns out, exercise is amazing for your brain! Not only is it currently the best way to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease, but is is linked to faster learning, a good memory and less depression. Why the happier mood? Exercise signals to your brain to release chemicals like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. These chemicals – synthetically found in many medications – help relieve stress, dull pain and improve moods.

Fitness Club Time Crunch Trick

Joining MTVAC, the #1 fitness club Alexandria Va can help you look and feel good by getting fit!Think you need to spend hours at our MTVAC fitness club to feel the results of exercise? Not always. When compared to an average 50-minute workout, a micro 10 or 20-minute workout consisting of interval training (all-out bursts of cardio followed by brief recovery periods) can hold up just as strongly and yield the same mood-boosting, blood sugar-controlling results. Of course only doing 10-minute workouts won’t do much for your endurance, strength or the long-term health goals. So it’s best to use the shorter workouts when you’re pressed for time, then mix in tennis, personal training or group fitness classes. But the bottom line is move when you can!

Remember, it only takes 21-30 days to forma  new habit – and this one has such great health benefits! Even though exercise and fitness are no miracle cure, they can help boost health and vitality. As you know, they can be hard work and just finding the time to move, even for a quick interval set, can be it’s own challenge. In fact, it’s estimated that only about 20% of Americans exercise as much as they should. And we suspect that number drops with the winter doldrums. But with the promise of more brainpower plus all the physical benefits, why not use MTVAC, the #1 fitness club in Alexandria, VA to cure those blues? Try us out for 7 days and see what exercise and fitness can do for you!

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