Fitness Trends of 2019 That Are Here to Stay

Fitness trends include group classes like Zumba

Fitness Trends of 2019 That Are Here to Stay

Every year brings around new trends and the fitness world is no exception. Every year we’re told a new and exciting fitness regime has come to make us all healthier, but like most trends, a lot of them fade away to leave room for the next fitness trend. However, some fitness trends become really popular and don’t fade for a couple years. Other fitness trends have been around for decades and still hold traction. 2018 is  over and has had it’s fair share of fitness trends. The biggest health and fitness trends of 2018 have gained popularity and are here to stay all the way through to 2019.

2018 Fitness Trends

This year has seen an increase in wearable technology while working out, group workout sessions, audio workouts from an app on your phone, and mindful, healing workouts like yoga, to name a few. These specific health and fitness trends have gained speed in 2018 and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Wearable Technology

Everyone knows about fitness trackers. These wrist-worn trackers have been around the block, but they aren’t going anywhere as a fitness trend. Old models may have found themselves in your drawers collecting dust, but that’s only because new and improved models like the Fitbit and Garmin have taken over. These latest trackers have been designed to do much more than count your steps. They alert you when you’ve been sitting for too long and need to get up and move. These gadgets have exercise timers and auto-log your workouts straight to the app so you can see your progression right in front you. GPS and swimming lap counters are added bonuses to fitness trackers that encourage walkers to become runners and casual exercisers to become athletes. Updated wearable technology integrates into your life more fully because they have smartwatch-like features and can be used as more than just a tracking device. Since fitness trackers continuously update every year to meet the needs of fitness activities, this is one fitness trend of 2018 we will definitely see continue into 2019.

Fitness trends in practice at MTVAC group cycle class

Group Workout Sessions

Exercising used to be a thing everyone did by themselves. Lately, however, we have seen an increase in exercising as a group. There are still those times when you prefer to workout on your own, but having a partner or group of people you exercise with helps to keep you motivated. Group workout sessions can also be known as group personal training because it’s the in-between of one-on-one personal training and a basic gym membership. Group Training Programs cost a bit more than your normal gym membership, but you get the benefit of both personalized attention and a set schedule, which is often meeting three times a week. These programs are held on a 6-or 8-week schedule so that you can see more progression than if you had joined just a normal gym. Program sessions include boot camp, weight loss, and fitness.

Audio Workouts

This fitness trend of 2018 is a little bit of a throwback. Working out in your home used to be a thing of the past but with group training programs and Zumba coming into light, every now and then, when you’re hanging out at home, you have this urge to workout. And that’s where the audio-guided workouts come in. If you are not the type of person who likes audio-only guided workouts, you’re probably thinking how could this trend have gained any popularity. Well the appeal of audio-only workouts is that they provide guidance over a layer of music to help keep you motivated. They also don’t require you to keep your eyes trained on anything other than the outcome you want: a good, healthy workout session. Aaptiv is an app that exclusively offers audio-guided workouts and has become one of the top 10 grossing apps. Audio-guided workouts are just getting started on their popularity and it’s a trend that we can see continue to gain popularity well into 2019.

Fitness trends for 2019 include yoga which MTVAC offersMindful Workouts

The mind-body connection is never disputed when it comes to wellness. Yoga, and it’s extended practice of meditation, is an ancient mind-body practice that is still very popular today. As a practice that is thousands of years old and has been a health and fitness trend for the last decade, it can be surprising how it remains so popular. However, reinventions on yoga such as hot yoga and aerial yoga, keep this age-old practice relevant to modern times. Yoga also has many benefits besides physical wellness. There are yoga practices that are focused on cardio and high-energy sweating, but there are other yoga practices which focus on mental well-being. Meditation helps to focus your chi and bring awareness to your mental state. As a practice that focuses on both mind and body, yoga is definitely a fitness and health trend to be aware of as it doesn’t show any signs of going away. It’s lasted for over a thousand years.

Beyond 2018 Fitness Trends

Here at Mount Vernon Athletic Club, we like to keep up with current, yearly trends and move beyond them. Whether you’re looking for a cardio-intense workout, a group training session, or low-key mindful workout, we can help you. We want you to be the best and healthiest you can be and that inclines us to go beyond just current fitness trends. Are you ready to try a fitness trend for yourself? Just pick a day and time and show up! Not a member yet? Get full access to MTVAC for 7 days FREE – including the best fitness classes!

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