Use Functional Movement Group Fitness to Prevent Injuries!

functional-movement-no-datesWhen your body is hurting and injured, one of your first reactions may be to cut your trips to the gym and ease back on working out. While this may be a good idea initially, continuous movement may actually be key to your rehabilitation.

MTVAC Personal Trainer Zach Zyzyk specializes in functional movement and is bringing it to group fitness classes. Certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Zach is also a certified FMS Certified (Functional Movement Specialist) and CES Certified (Corrective Exercise Specialist).

What is Functional Movement?

Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Movement for group fitness

Functional Movement and Recovery Posture Work Before and After – Note the improved shoulder placement

If you’ve never heard of functional movement, you may be wondering what it is and how it can help you. Functional Movement Systems is an exercise philosophy developed by Gray Cook, an injury-prevention specialist. It is based on science, innovation and research. Cook believes that athletic injuries are caused by muscle imbalance rather than weakness.

The system starts by ranking and grading movement patterns to identity limitations and asymmetries. Usually seven fundamental movement patterns are used, like Squats, lunges and push-ups. A score is given as sort of a baseline, then a series of corrective exercises will be used to help the body progress and move forward.

“First move well, then often.” – Grey Cook

This unique and customized approach to training can not only rehab existing injuries, but it can also help you from getting future injuries. And everyone can benefit, from the occasional runner to the weekend warrior and professional athlete. The Functional Movement System is used by teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. It’s also used in the military.

Functional Movement in a Group Fitness Environment

Functional Movement can now be done in small group training

Functional Movement and Recovery Posture Work Before and After – Note the much improved head and neck carriage and shoulder placement

Zach Zyzyk is certified in this unique training method and he is bringing it to a group fitness environment. The functional movement group fitness class combines flexibility with mobility to enhance recovery. It actively rehabilitates by stabilizing, strengthening and empowering the body through key body movement exercises. The main benefits of functional movement – communication, evaluation, standardization, safety and corrective strategies – are all employed to achieve the best results.

See a sneak preview of how the class can help with low back pain!

Curious about how functional movement could help you push past a recent injury or workout slump? Functional movement group fitness classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 – 7 pm and Saturdays from 10:15-11:15 am. Class sizes are limited to ensure Zach can monitor all participants and help them get the most out of the system, so advanced sign up is requested. Just see a client coordinator for details or email to reserve your spot!

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