A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Gym Workout…

Fun with your gym workoutHave you ever made yourself hit the gym, only to jump on the treadmill and give less than your best effort? Or better yet, spot someone you know (or want to know) and get distracted, nearly injurying yourself? All sorts of things can happen during a heated sweat session – here are our top 5 funny things that happened on the way to my gym workout!

Your gym workout has you yawning.

Clearly this Beagle has better places to be and more important things to do… like take a nap. To avoid the dreaded treadmill slump, try a HIIT gym workout (high intensity interval training) by mixing up the speed and incline in short bursts, followed by waking breaks.

Your attention is elsewhere.

Whether your attention is on your work, your family, or that attractive woman who just walked by… Play it cool like this guy and drop into some push ups, a plank or a yoga stretch-out move. Or better yet, wait until after your workout to say hello.

Your group fitness class is so fun, you don’t care what you look like busting a move.

Group fitness classes have come a long way since the 1980’s – just ask resident trainer Gretchen, who started fitness instruction during that flashback-fun decade. But while the Zumba and BodyPump moves have gotten a little more functional and a little less jazzy, the bottom line is that it doesn’t really matter what you look like while working out. The more into the moves and fun you have, the better the workout!

You try advanced exercise moves before you’re physically ready.

Let us recommend a session with a personal trainer to at least assess where you are when you start and show you how to do the right exercises for your health and fitness level. Plus, you’re less likely to suffer an injury. Of course we recommend waiting until you can actually walk before hitting an Alexandria gym workout with a trainer 🙂 And as a reminder, there is no throwing weights at MTVAC!

You choose a trainer who is not quite your speed.

You’re going to spend a lot of time with your personal trainer, so it’s important you choose a trainer you have confidence in. Not a trainer who will push you to lift more than your fitness level is capable of, or learn fanatic choreography with said weights!

Now we can’t guarantee that one of these fitness faux pas won’t happen to you at MTVAC – except the crazy trainer, we won’t make you do any crazy free weight routines! But we firmly believe that workouts should be fun, so do what you need to to find the fun, and the funny, on the way to your next gym workout! 

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