How to Win a Junior Tennis Tournament – MTVAC Success Story

Blue Chip Alum Shows Others How to Win a Junior Tennis Tournament

How to Win a Junior Tennis Tournament - MTVAC Success Story

Ask Asya Gunertem How to win a junior tennis tournament and she’ll tell you it’s about hard work, good tennis training, and dedication. Ask one of her Blue Chip Tennis Coaches at Mount Vernon Athletic Club and they’ll tell you its her enthusiasm. Either way, the combination is powerful. Asya recently won the Adidas Camp Tournament to become the singles champion.

Preparation and Planning

Asya won three of her matches and the Virginia Adidas tennis camp singles tournament the week of July 10th.  There were many factors that led to her first win. But key to her strategy was preparation and planning.

Asya Gunertem’s 5 Tips for How to Win a Junior Tennis Tournament

  1. Practice. Getting into a good tennis program where you can take lessons, participate in clinics and continue to practice and engage in match play is the first step.
  2. Watch the Pros. Watching professional tennis is also good preparation. Asya has a favorite player and watches her compete. She even had the opportunity to meet her hero at last year’s U.S. Open.
  3. Prepare. Asya’s parents watched her the night before carefully preparing and planning what she was going to do the next day. That type of mental preparation creates a better opportunity to win.
  4. Tough it Out. Asya had to overcome some challenges. This was an outdoor camp and the temperatures during the tournament were extremely hot. She battled through the heat to come out on top.
  5. Encouragement. Asya has people to support her tennis playing. Both her parents and Blue Chip Tennis coaches at MTVAC make sure to cheer her on.

In the end, winning this junior tennis tournament was very important for Asya’s confidence building process.

“I am proud of her completing the camp without complaining under tough conditions, let alone winning the tournament! This week I have learned a lot about Asya. Thank you guys [the Blue Chip Tennis coaching staff] for being part of it!“.  – Asya’s parent, Ali Gunertem.

Congratulations Asya from your Mount Vernon Athletic Club family and the Blue Chip Tennis coaching staff!

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