Junior Tennis Camps Score Big with Tennis Players of All Ages

Looking for a sport or camp to enroll your kids in? Consider junior tennis camps at Mount Vernon Athletic Club! Not only do these tennis camps provide camaraderie and sportsmanship, but it also boasts health and developmental benefits.

The Health Benefits of Junior Tennis Camps

Junior Tennis Camps at MTVACTennis not only teaches kids things like teamwork and dedication, but the sport also has many health benefits. Here’s just a few:

  • Aerobic and cardiovascular exercise. Tennis gets kids moving! They will be running around while maintaining a high energy level – that’s great for strengthening the heart.
  • Gross and fine motor conditioning. Larger and smaller muscle groups will get conditioned through court movement, angled volleys and more.
  • Balance. Learning to serve a tennis ball and the constant run-stop-run movement increases balance.
  • Flexibility. During junior tennis camps, kids will be constantly stretching and maneuvering for the ball, which improves flexibility.
  • Tactical brain development. Tennis helps develop new connections between nerves in the brain as it involves alertness and tactical thinking to develop shot patterns.
  • Self-esteem. Last but not least, regularly playing tennis at any of our Blue Chip Tennis  locations can help boost self-esteem, vigor and optimism – plus decrease feelings of anxiety as our coaches create a supportive environment.

Junior Tennis Camps During The Holidays

This season at Mount Vernon Athletic Club, we’re offering junior tennis camps for every skill level that continue through the end of DecemberCampers have the opportunity to hit tons of balls, meet new friends and enhance tennis skills in a positive and enthusiastic environment. 

Just like in this video from one of our other junior tennis camps, the camp consists of conditioning and movement drills, which help prevent injury while increasing agility during game play

Our staff works one-on-one with campers to build on their strengths, correct weaknesses, increase their knowledge of the game and help move to the next level or to just be active, meet new friends and have fun! Away for the holidays? That’s okay, Blue Chip Tennis offers camps at all of our  locations in the spring and summer. Our summer camp programs are our largest of all our tennis camp programs as we are at numerous indoor and outdoor locations in Northern Virginia.

 If you want your child to try tennis for the first time or hone his or her skills as an experienced tennis player, check out Blue Chip Tennis! The academy offers year-round workshops, clinics and camps across several Mid-Atlantic tennis locations

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