Learn the Secret Tennis Pro Tips That Every Tennis Legend Uses!

Whether you’re a weekend tennis warrior, an aspiring master of the courts, or a tennis court newbie – you probably look for ways to improve with every swing. Below we’ve compiled a list of tennis pro tips that the legends swear by, and that may just make the game a little more enjoyable for you.

Roger Federer’s Tennis Pro Tips

Tennis Pro Tips from MTVAC Alexandria VA Tennis ClubFederer is coming off a stellar 2017 and in an interview towards the end of last year, he revealed a few secrets to his success. It should come as no surprise that hard work is at the top of the list: “You need hard work, passion, and a good team,” he told the Gulf Times. He also notes the importance of good training facilities (ahem, MTAVC tennis courts) and being able to hold up well against extreme pressure. And at the tennis legend status, it’s crucial to understand the tour and make it “like the second home.” This could easily translate to any tennis tournaments – know the format, the schedule and facilities and you’ll feel more comfortable.

Battling Yourself

Andre Agassi certainly has a different take. Thanks to his autobiography Open, the world now knows that Agassi didn’t have a passion for tennis. In fact, he hated it. It was his passion for perfectionism that led him to number one rankings, but then also led to a temporary drug use demise. “Though I hate tennis,” Agassi wrote, “I like the feeling of hitting a ball dead perfect. When I do something perfect, I enjoy a split second of sanity and calm.”

It was his coach who helped Agassi turn the racket, so to speak. He told Agassi, “You don’t have to be the best in the world every time you go out there. You just have to better than one guy.” And that is what drove Agassi to realize that perfection is like an addiction, and learning to manage it is key. His tennis pro tips: plan ahead by assigning deadlines and try to let go of the need to control every aspect.

Serve Up Strength

tennis pro tips on serving at a young age

Learning to serve at a young age at MTVAC

As much of a mind game tennis is, it’s also a game wrought with technique. Take a look at arguably the best female tennis player of all time, Serena Williams, who has one of the best tennis serves in the game. Peter Bodo of explains that her swing strength is a combination of technique and attitude. The service itself is “marvelously simple toss and action, as well as her placement of the ball.” But the motivation behind the serve is just as important. The tennis pro tip taken from Williams: use the serve to score points, rather than just get the ball returned. This tactic is changing the way young tennis players are taught to play and to develop their tools.

With so many tennis legends out there – past, present and future – there are far more pro tennis tips to consider. Especially from our very own pros!

Tennis Pro Tips - Patrick Escalambre speaking at the USTA/MAS Community Tennis Development Workshop on organizing tournaments

Patrick Escalambre’s tip is to focus on footwork for better contact with the tennis ball. It’s all about timing, distance and contact points. The ball too high or too low will make it tough to execute, while hitting the ball too early or late will cause to ball to go left or right. And one of Dan Myer’s top tennis pro tips is to prepare mentally for your next shots, leading to a winning shot. First, think about one shot at a time. Then, have a plan of attack. If you are serving you may want to try a more aggressive approach like serving and volleying. If you are returning, perhaps you would try to keep the ball deep into the court to force a short ball from your opponent.

MTVAC Tennis Pro Tips Lead to Improved Game

The tennis pros at Blue Chip Tennis and MTVAC have so many more pro tennis tips to share! Checkout the upcoming lessons, clinics and camps. And if you’re not already a tennis member, there’s no time like the present to join – try it for FREE for 7 days!

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