LES MILLS VIRTUAL Fitness Classes Takes MTVAC Global

Last time you hit the Mount Vernon gym, you might have seen some state-of-the-art media around the fitness classes and studios. Or maybe a friend told you about this awesome new workout she tried that fit perfectly into her busy schedule. MTVAC is excited to now offer LES MILLS VIRTUAL, the newest virtual fitness classes innovation from the global fitness gurus that have brought us favorite fitness classes like BODYPUMP and SH’BAM.

Les Mills Virtual Fitness classes at MTVAC through Fitness on Demand!Fitness Programs On Your Schedule

Now with LES MILLS VIRTUAL, you can take top group fitness classes on your own schedule with the club’s on-demand video system. If you haven’t tried Fitness-On-Demand, you’ll be surprised by how inclusive it is. It’s not just a TV in the corner – part of the Fitness-On-Demand and LES MILLS VIRTUAL program is movie-theater like experience: a big 120” screen with a dynamic, wall-to wall sound system.

The high-quality content in the LES MILLS VIRTUAL classes is coached by top hand-selected instructors from around the world. The classes are actually produced at the Les Mills’ home base in Auckland, New Zealand. Live classes are recorded with the high energy choreography and music hits that the brand is known for.

Virtual Fitness Classes to Reach Fitness Goals

Not only does LES MILLS VIRTUAL make it easier to get in a fun workout, it’s perfect for those new to group fitness programs. The virtual fitness classes help you learn new moves and get accustomed to the flow of group fitness classes before you’re right in the middle of it with a handful of others.

“For the uninitiated, group fitness can seem daunting,” commented Philip Mills, Les Mills CEO. “But with LES MILLS VIRTUAL, new members can try out a class and build confidence with the moves before wal
king into a live situation.”

Les Mills Fitness Classes at MTVACThe goal of LES MILLS VIRTUAL is to cover three main exercise types: strength, cardio and flexibility. Fitness
class favorites BODYPUMP and SH-BAM are included, as well as new classes like BODYBALANCE and BODYCOMBAT.

The fitness programs and possibilities are endless with over 300 on-demand classes to choose from, the most variety of fitness classes in Alexandra VA! If traditional fitness classes are more your style, or you’ve perfected your virtual moves and are ready to show them off, check out the group fitness schedule for updated offerings.

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