MTVAC Helps Chris Caimano Boost His Personal Fitness Training

Lifting Weights to Improve Body CompChris Caimano and his family weren’t looking to switch up their Alexandria gym and make a change. In fact, as a Federal Government employee, Chris has access to amazing facilities free through his job. And the Caimanos belonged to another area fitness center. But then they tried MTVAC. The great atmosphere drew them in and now, this is where Chris prefers to come for his personal fitness training on his days off.

Everybody here is so friendly and the staff know our names. I like the fact that it’s never crowded and I can get a great workout in and feel great about leaving my child with Celeste in the daycare.

-Chris Caimano, MTVAC member

Next Level Personal Fitness Training Results

Personal Fitness Training Progress with BES

Chris has a lot of fit friends that he trades workout tips and tricks with, so he is very confident in his workout routine. Still, he takes advantage of the complimentary 30 minute quarterly personal fitness training sessions – free for all MTVAC members. He also jumps in and asks the trainers questions when he has them or sparks exercise discussions, and the trainers enjoy the opportunity to weigh in.

Another favorite part of MTVAC for Chris is the opportunity to do Body Evidence Scanning, or BES. While BES can be part of a well-rounded personal training program (after all, MTAVC personal trainer Patricia Brown is one of the system owners), Chris is a great example of someone who likes to work out on his own but use BES to track his progress. At his last check in, Chris was down 2.9% body fat, 4.5 inches and 6 pounds of body fat. He’s had two scans so far and loves to see the results, especially how the changes he has made affect his body composition. The scans make it clear to see how his body has developed from eating more protein and less simple carbs, plus lifting heavier weights.

Family Friendly Environment

“It’s a family gym,” touts Chris. The family and friendly atmosphere is what Chris loves most about MTVAC. He likes that the staff know him beyond just his name, and he feels like he knows all the staff. He’s more than just a number.

Chris also takes advantage of MTVAC’s phenomenal free childcare. As any parent knows, getting a little free time to focus on yourself can be difficult. But the task is made much easier when you have a place or person you can trust with your kids.

Your facility and staff across the board are excellent, everyone is friendly, kind, and helpful. The facility is clean and very well managed but I draw special attention to Celeste because though she doesn’t assist me with squats or schedule massages; she provides the critical task of granting my wife and I peace of mind to do those things. Without her none of those fitness tasks would be possible as a parent.

Chris and Delaney Caimano, MTVAC member

MTVAC has so much to offer under one roof, it’s easy to see why the Caimanos are so happy here!

Do you want to love your Alexandria gym just as much? Don’t just take Chris’ word for it, try us FREE for 7 Days and see for yourself!

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