Use MTVAC for Your Adventure Race Training!

Adventure race training at MTVACAdventure and obstacle races have been gaining popularity over the years. Their combination of endurance, strength and some throwback fun like monkey bars have made them popular endevours for athletes of nearly every age and skill level. But to properly compete, or just make sure you cross the finish line, you need to be in good fitness condition. MTVAC is the perfect place for your adventure race training!

It’s About More Than Cardio

Yes, endurance and good cardiovascular fitness are essential to adventure racing. After all, you could be out there on the course for hours! But just because you can go the distance doesn’t mean you can hurl yourself over walls and wade through knee-deep mud. Strength and weight training are a must for adventure race training! Here are a couple training suggestions to keep in mind as you start planning your adventure attack.

  • Try to start your training six months in advance. If you’re already in good shape, you could shave some time off that. But if you haven’t exercised in years, you probably want to add more time to your training.
  • recommends the base, build, peak, race training strategy. This multi-stage workout plan can be catered to races of various distances and obstacles.
  • Don’t neglect the base! This is wear you lay a foundation for your training and start to prevent injuries. It’s also where you’ll build from in the next stage of training. Aim for at least three days of training each week, up to five or six if you’re serious about competing and have a strong fitness background.
  • Build on your base by increasing the intensity, length of workouts and speed. Use cross training – a mix of different exercises and workouts – to make sure you’re hitting all the important muscle groups. And to give your body a chance to recover.
  • The peak is just like what it sounds – your most intense workouts. This is what you build up to, and what you want to achieve just a week or two before your race. Then taper down your workouts to let your body rest and recover to be in the best condition possible for race day.

Obstacle exercises for adventure race training

Professional Adventure Race Training

Adventure race training sounding a little too intimidating? Don’t forget the professional trainers here at MTVAC who can help get you to your peak! Working with a personal trainer can help you identify your weaknesses and work on them, as well as show you exercises that will cater to the specific obstacles in your adventure race. A personal trainer is your best bet for an individualized workout plan that will get you across the finish line and make you want to sign up for the next race.

If you do opt to go it on your own, the Results Training Guide is a great place to start. 12 expert training plans put together by our own top Alexandria personal trainers! The workouts include a good combination of strength training, various cardio and flexibility.

No matter what your race or your training plan, the staff at MTVAC is here to help. Take advantage of the free quarterly check ups and the group fitness classes to help you change up your usual routine. Most adventure races are all about keeping you guessing, so the more you can keep your body guessing at the gym, the better prepared you’ll be!

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