MTVAC is a “Gem” Among Gyms with Child Care in Alexandria!

For many, the gym is a place to relieve stress, gain energy and loose weight. For parents, especially new parents, a visit to the gym is even more important. Gyms with childcare, like MTVAC, make it easy for parents to get a workout in while ensuring their children are well cared for and nearby. And for those older kids, there are even classes to take part in!

Gyms with Childcare Are Hard to Find

MTVAC member Linsay Culver had a rough pregnancy recently and didn’t get to work out like she wanted. But when she had her baby and was ready to come back, it was hard to find gyms with childcare in her area. Linsay was previously at another gym that charged additional fees for childcare, plus a double fee for an infant. That’s not the case at MTVAC – childcare is included with membership!

So Linsay explored a little further away and discovered MTAVC. “I really like this gym,” said Linsay. “I have to drive 30 minutes to get there… but the price for what you get is exceptional. It’s worth the drive.” 

Gyms with childcare can be a game changer for parents, and make getting that workout in actually possible. But not all childcare facilities are the same. It’s important to research not only costs of gyms with childcare, but the quality of care, too. A place that has employees who engage with the kids is ideal. At MTVAC, kids have access to computers, books, age-appropriate games and even movies. Staff are trained, attentive and knowledgeable.

And when the kids are old enough, they can join in on the family fitness fun!

Everything Under One Roof

At Mt. Vernon [Athletic Club], I get childcare, access to a dietitian if I want it, they have personal trainers, classes, a massage therapist, and a military discount.  I love this place.
-MTVAC Member Linsay Culver

As Linsay mentioned, MTVAC has all you need to stay healthy under one roof. One of the reasons former member Rachelle Quintanilla said, “I miss this place! It’s a gem and I wish we could have taken it with us when we moved.” Rachelle loved all the fitness class options, especially the video classes when traditional classes weren’t in session.

Another member, Gbolahan Odele, appreciates MTVAC’s fantastic managers and superbly friendly staff – who make the club feel warm and close-knit. “Just love, love my MTVAC and most important is the family orientated atmosphere,” Gbolahan commented.

Gyms are not hard to find, but a friendly gym with all the extras, like childcare, included in the membership cost is a gem. Let MTVAC show you how easy working out can be with everything family and fitness in one place! Try us now – 7 days for FREE!

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