What Does It Take to be an MTVAC Tennis Ballkid? Passion and Spirit for Nina Landes!

MTVAC tennis members see Bryan Brothers Chest Pump at Washington Kastles Match

Bryan Brothers Chest Bump

A group that comprised of Blue Chip Tennis Academy participants from all 3 sites attended a recent Washington Kastles match and had a fantastic time. There was chest bumping, cheering, music and great tennis – trademarks of the Washington Kastles tournament experience! But for one MTVAC tennis member who had the opportunity to be a ballkid, the experience was extraordinary.

MTVAC Tennis – Preparation for Being a Ballkid

MTVAC Tennis member Nina Landes poses in her debut as a ballkid at a Washington Kastles match

Nina Landes as Kastles “ball kid”

You may think of a “ballkid” as a promising young tennis player looking to be close to the players he or she idolizes. Or a teen looking for a way to be right in the heart of the action to take a few notes. But for Nina Landes, being a ballkid in her thirties meant that age is just a number when you have spirit!

I’m 33, but totally not ashamed that I was a ballkid. I applied and they somehow didn’t reject me. I was amongst 8-16 year olds, and it was so much fun!
– Nina Landes

MTVAC Tennis member Nina Landes as a ballkid at a Washington Kastles matchFor Nina, the experience was amazing. Although she had a few fumbles, she was quick to point out that she didn’t trip and fall, so overall a positive performance on her part. She’s still reeling from some of the highlights.

Martina Hingis grabbed a ball out of my hands before their warm ups. Leander Paes winked at me (swoon)! And I saw the Bryan Brothers up close as I fed balls to them.

Playing with the Pros

The Washington Kastles is a professional tennis team based in Washington, D.C. The team started in 2008 with the one and only

MTVAC tennis member Nina Landes as a ballkid

Nina and Leander Paes

Serena Williams on board. The history of top players has continued as the team has won multiple World Team Tennis finals and even the King Trophy. In 2011 the Kastles won every single match and were the first team in the league’s history to score a perfect season, finals and all.

With the fun, exciting competition, and level of talent at Washington Kastles matches, who wouldn’t want to be a ballkid?  But most people wouldn’t think about applying and wouldn’t get to enjoy the experience of a lifetime that Nina Landes had. She embodies the kind of passion and spirit that makes MTVAC tennis one of the best clubs in the mid-Atlantic. MTVAC tennis member Nina LandesCongratulations to Nina for setting a great example and for a job well done!

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