Power, Enthusiasm and Personal Training: Meet Patrica Brown

If you’re going to do it, make it worth it, so says Patricia Brown, Personal Trainer at Mount Vernon Athletic ClubMTVAC Fitness Club for Women Personal Trainer Patricia Brown

As a former kinesiology professor at Palo Alto College in San Antonio Texas, Brown brings a background of cutting-edge science to the workouts she does with clients. During her tenure there, she often worked with first generation college students. Reveling in making the classes fun, she also made sure the got results. Brown states, by making small changes, they saw that they could gain big results, it was very rewarding”.

Competitive Start: Big Things Come in Small Packages

Patricia Brown stands 5’7’ a good height, but in volleyball circles, a bit short for a hitter yet. Still, that never stopped her from playing division 2 College Volleyball at Angelo State University in Texas where she  was known for having an amazing vertical jump of 29 inches. Playing all four years, it was her passion and she loved being part of a team. In fact, the girls she played with she is still friends with today.  No surprise given that they achieved so much together – they were consistently ranked in the top 25.

Fitness Club for Women: Leading the Way

Today, Patricia leads the Women’s Fit Club at MTVAC in the mornings and she is still inspiring others with her dedication. Brown loves working with clients because she still truly loves to teach. When asked why she explains, “I wholeheartedly believe that exercise is the key to a long, healthy life! I love helping people achieve their fitness goals through Women’s Fit Club (the fitness club for women at MTVAC).  I am able to empower them to make a long lasting lifestyle change.”

Heather Eggert, who trains with Patrica, enjoys how Brown changes workouts every day and says,  “she has a wealth of different exercises at her fingertips!  She is a strong knowledgable trainer.”  Adding that, “she pushes me (which I enjoy) while at the same time she is encouraging when I have to modify an exercise to be more successful. I hear her mantra ‘This is where change happens, ladies!’ in my head all the time – and I like it!”

Secret to her Success

Married 25 years this summer – Patricia Brown is part of a proud army family stationed at Fort Belvoir. Her husband is career army and she has 2 kids. A 14 year old boy and 12 year old girl that Patricia now coaches in Volleyball through Fort Hunt Youth Association and St. Louis CYO.  She attributes the constant relocation to fueling her expansive fitness knowledge.

“At every new location, I have had to find a new fitness outlet – the result is I’ve tried everything from, CrossFit, weight lifting, fitness DVD’s, yoga, Military fitness, the list goes on,” states Brown. Patricia applies this wealth of knowledge to the fitness club for women (Women’s Fit Club) training routines in order to keep things fresh and interesting as well as to help her personal training clients avoid fitness plateaus!  As it turns out, the change in routine she developed from years of her own personal change is also good for your body. Varied routines help create a state of muscle confusion, a phenomena that science supports as having overall strength benefits.

Allison Christian Rau is living proof.  “As a pastry chef who enjoys her own work a little too much, I was downright squishy, but after two months working with Patricia, I’m stronger than I thought possible.  A decades-old injury had held me back, but Patricia found a way to help me overcome it.  She’s knowledgeable, professional, and super-motivating!”

Ultimately though, it’s a lot more than years of experience that makes Patrica Brown so successful and well liked at MTVAC. Brown says it best, “ I bring a smile and an encouraging word to every workout.”

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