Palm it for a Better Forehand

Use your Palm to Deliver Specific Shot for a Better Forehand

Top tennis players in the world know how to hit groundstrokes and lobs equally well in a match.  One simple way to train your forehand drive or forehand lob is by using  palm up for lob or palm out toward target for drive.  This will help the arm extent in the proper manner to deliver the shot.  Below the two main pointsDave Bryan Tennis pro

  •  When hitting a forehand lob think palm up toward sky or ceiling if indoors at 45 degree angle.
  •  When hitting a forehand drive think palm towards target (down the line or crosscourt).

Use the tips to provide a simple and effective way to hit your forehand with purpose.  View the following videos in slow motion to see how they palm moves for each shot. – forehand drive – forehand lob

We hope this tip has been helpful to build a better forehand; if  you have any questions or need any additional tennis instruction – feel free to reach out to any of our Certified Blue Chip Tennis Professionals at

About Jeremy Carl:  Jeremy Carl is a Senior Teaching Professional at Mount Vernon Athletic Club (MTVAC). He played college level tennis at Presbyterian College and led the team to victory as South Atlantic Conference Champions as the Team Captain. He is the Head Coach at Wayneood Recreation Association and  is certified by the USPTA.  Jeremy is available for private and group lessons, clinics for all levels and ages, as well as the Top Performance juniors program. For more information, contact or 703-272-2712.

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