Personal Trainer and Personal Workouts Motivate MTVAC Member LeAnn Creppon

Childcare & Personal Training made LeAnn fall in love with MTVAC

Celeste (MTVAC childcare provider) and LeAnn Creppon

Living at Fort Belvoir with two small children at home (Cheyenne, 2, and Garrett, 1) and her husband (stationed at The Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard), LeAnn Creppon was looking for a relaxing, judgement-free place to workout – she never thought that working out with a personal trainer would lead to a desire to become one! 

She first discovered MTVAC on a social media page for Fort Belvoir spouses and she fell in love with the place! Of course childcare was also a must, so the club’s free childcare was a bonus.

My main goal is to stay fit and strong. The biggest difference about coming to MTVAC is that they have helped me to increase my knowledge and helped me to put all the pieces together and create a plan. -LeAnn Creppon

Bring on the Personal Trainer!

Although it was MTVAC’s warm and friendly atmosphere that attracted LeAnn to the Alexandria VA gym, it was the group fitness classes and time with personal trainer Patricia Brown that made the
true difference
. LeAnn first learned about weight training through taking Les Mills BODYPUMP class. She then took advantage of the club’s free 360 Start Smart Kick Start Program that gives all new members 2 free personal training appointments, a nutrition workshop and a free 30 minute massage! That’s where she met personal trainer Patricia Brown.

LeAnn’s health and fitness perspective began to evolve as Patricia helped her discover high interval training, tabata, circuit training and how to balance weight lifting with cardio for the best fat burn. As most people who have worked with a personal trainer will tell you, tapping that wealth of knowledge is one of the best benefits of having your own coach!

“I was impressed with Patricia, even after my 2 personal training appointments that came free with my membership, she was always willing to answer questions or show me other ways that would help me on my fitness journey.” – LeAnn Creppon

LeAnn decided to take her training back to the group fitness environment. After trying Women’s Fit Club, she was hooked on the comradery, goals and results.

Everyone motivates one another and the group drives you to want to do more and to push through the wall that you hit. I got a better work out in with them than if I tried to do it on my own so I was getting results faster.
-LeAnn Creppon

Maintaining a Health and Fitness Lifestyle

For LeAnn, working out at MTVAC is not about reaching certain weight goals; she just wants to stay fit and strong. Health and fitness is a way of life for her and with the help of Patricia and the group fitness classes, LeAnn has developed a program that she can stick to. With everything under one roof, LeAnn can now pull all the pieces together – exercise knowledge, nutrition, workout ideas, variety, personal trainers, group support – for the best performance benefits.img_20161004_115131

LeAnn has been so inspired by her time at MTVAC that she has just ordered her textbook from NASM to become a personal trainer – congratulations LeAnn!

Once a little shy and quiet, the staff at MTVAC can see a remarkable change in confidence and everyone looks forward to the bright, energetic smile that LeAnn shares when she comes to the club!

Are you missing a piece or two of the health and fitness puzzle?
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