Personal Training Programs Bring More Evidence to the Table

Body Evidence Scans at MTVACIf you’ve been on the fence about diving into personal training, this innovative new way to track your results may be just what you’ve been waiting for. Body evidence scanning – a quick and accurate way to track everything from measurements to caloric deficits – is now offered at Mount Vernon Athletic Club in conjunction with customized personal training programs!

Body of Proof

Body Evidence Scanning may look a little familiar, especially if you’ve traveled recently. A 3D body scanner, similar to what the TSA uses at airport security, takes a 3D snapshot of your body shape and composition while also gathering accurate measurements (within .1-.25 inches). This method is more accurate (and less pinching!) than the old school body composition calipers. It also gives you a look at any caloric deficits you may have, aiding in your nutrition program and overall wellness.

Body composition and measurements from Body Evidence Scan helps with Personal Training ProgramsThe process is simple. You stand on a rotating platform while a infrared sensor captures your body’s shape, composition and measurements. You’re in and out in less than 15 minutes! Use Body Evidence Scans before starting a personal training program, then intermittently during training. Compare your scans to see the changes in waist, hip, bust and thigh measurements, not to mention fat loss and muscle gain.

Mount Vernon Athletic Center’s own Patricia Brown is one of the Body Evidence Scans owners, furthering the body of proof that this is an excellent addition to personal training programs. This new technology is currently setup at MTVAC with exclusive package offers for members, although anyone can book an appointment for a scan.

Tying Together Personal Training Programs

Personal training programs to see better resultsIt’s no secret that trainers help you figure out where to start your fitness journey while supporting you along the way, just a couple of the 9 reasons to hire a personal trainer. But now with Body Evidence Scans, one of the top two reasons is even clearer. You will be able to see better results, from the start of your program through progression. Watch as your body transforms and address your workout routine when results start looking stale. This new tool will help both you and your Alexandria personal trainer to customize your program while staying fluid and flexible, maximizing your results. And what better motivation is there than seeing results!

Body Evidence Scans are just another way MTVAC is staying on the cutting edge of fitness while helping members reach their health and fitness goals. Not a member yet? After you sign up and try MTVAC for a FREE 7-day trial, join in July or August and you will get 5 x 30-minute personal training sessions PLUS a free body scan! This is a great way to truly see where you stand and try personal training programs for yourself. Contact a client coordinator and get started today!

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