Proper Squat Stance: Personal Training Tip

Proper Squat Technique to maximize a full range of motion

In this personal training session, MTVAC personal trainer Dimitris Kollaros coaches his client Michael to be sure to get in the proper squat stance to optimize generating strength.  One of the common mistakes in a squat is to shoot the knees forward. By having Michael push his glutes back, it forces proper bio mechanics for the exercise.

Proper Squat Stance Training Technique Breakdown:

  • Straighten up and pull your head and shoulders back. This is the proper position of the spine for the squat
  • Place your feet shoulder width apart; toes pointing forward
  • Place your hands about the same width as a bench press; make sure you are even on the bar before unracking
  • Bend over at the hip – be sure you do not look up and do not bend over at the low back
  • Take a deep breath, contract your abs and descend. It should feel like you are sitting back on a chair behind you; not going straight down
  • To achievee the Proper squat stance- be sure to keep your knees in line with your feet. Be very careful not to let your knees ‘bow in’ at anytime during the lift
  • The depth of the squat depends on your flexibility. If your hips are very flexible, then you can try “below parallel” (hamstrings are below parallel with the floor); if you have limited hip flexibility, then stay “above parallel”

The most important thing to remember when training is to use the weight appropriate for your level and to be very mindful of your form.

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MTVAC Alexandria VA Personal Training Director

Dimitris Kollaros: Personal Training Manager & Department Head Dimitris focuses on helping everyone from seniors to young athletes develop their talents so that they may recognize and reach their full potential.  With a philosophy that emphasizes more than just your physical development, he includes the psychological aspect of training so that you can become more conscious of how you prepare, train and perform.  This will help you achieve maximum results! Dimitris went to New Mexico State University where he earned his bachelor degrees in Kinesiology and Sociology.  He has owned and operated his own training and performance company.  His motto:  “Get it Done!”  He can be reached at / (703) 360-7300

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