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It very interested 😁
Isaac Annor
Isaac Annor
00:57 12 Mar 19
I have had a membership for nearly a year, but I had a rough pregnancy and didn't get to work out like I wanted. I recently started back. I really like this gym. I have to drive 30 mins to get there and 30 to get home, but the price for what you get is exceptional. When I originally moved here I looked into Gold's, but some of their policies were ridiculous and the price was way too expensive for what you get. I would've paid over $100/month because childcare is $12/kid per day and in then fine print an infant counts as two. The manager didn't even know the fine print stated that. At Mt Vernon I get childcare, access to a dietician if I want it, they have personal trainers, classes, a massage therapist, and a military discount. All of that for $35/ month. It's worth the drive. The staff are nice and professional. The building is well kept and clean. It feels cozy. The gym is never packed. They have a decent amount of equipment. I love this place. They go out of their way for their members. I highly recommend Mt. Vernon Athletic Club.
Linsay Culver
Linsay Culver
20:36 01 Feb 19
I miss this place! It’s a gem and I wish we could have taken it with us when we moved. Clean, up to date, never crowded in my experience. The classes are geared toward older people, which is fine. There are lots of video workout options when classes aren’t in session as well.
Rachelle Quintanilla
Rachelle Quintanilla
12:56 20 Dec 18
Excellent facility and no pressure staff. Quality machines and classes available. Andre and Brandon were very helpful!
Mandy Walters
Mandy Walters
15:32 15 Apr 18
Houston... we have a problem! First off, the members and front desk folks are AWESOME! Only reason they got a single star. This club is fine if you don't actually want to play tennis. We joined almost a year ago and it has been ridiculously hard to get court time during normal hours. If you don't work for a living, you will be fine. You might get to play on Friday night when they have social if you sign up early enough. But to get a court time in the evening (before 10:00pm) or on the weekend, you have a better chance of hitting the lotto. We kept thinking it would get better. We even tried complaining to front desk and management. We told them we were going to leave and join another club. It was that important to us! Here's the kicker... after we told management (Dimitris) about our concerns and that we wanted to leave, we didn't even get a phone call!! He just sent an email telling us that we signed a one year agreement and we would have to pay. He did not even mention the lack of court time problem. His concern... make sure you pay me the rest of my money. Thats all I needed to hear. He will get his measly few dollars for the next 3 months because unlike him, I honor my commitments. Steer clear of this place until he is replaced or his boss reminds him of what it means to manage and take care of your customers. If you actually WANT to play tennis. Join at your own risk!
Craig Davis
Craig Davis
23:09 13 Feb 19