What Can a Professional Tennis Coach Do for a Youth Tennis Player?

For Salvador Simpson and Marshall Thompson, working with professional tennis coach Tim Bainton has made all the difference in the world. Salvador, 16, and Marshall, 18, have been working with Tim since they were six and five years old, respectively. They’ve learned the the foundation of the game and practiced strategy – now it’s a matter of harnessing their power to score college scholarships and play Division I college tennis.

“When players are older, you don’t teach them anymore – you coach them; you are there to keep them on track and facilitate the finer points.”  -Tim Bainton, Professional Tennis Coach and Founder of Blue Chip Tennis Academy


Power is Nothing Without Control

When tennis players are as athletic and strong as Salvador and Marshall, there will be a natural transition from teaching tennis to coaching tennis.  As the saying goes, power is nothing with control. These two are already strong hitters with very good natural racket head speed. Now they are working to develop:

  • Patience.
  • Better court positioning.
  • Spin on the ball.

In this video, Coach Tim is working on developing spin. This let’s them hit the ball with more consistent results, in turn making them  more confident and more successful on the tennis courts.

When Natural Talent Gets a Boost from a Professional Tennis Coach

Professional Tennis Coach Guide to Coaching

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After teaching tennis and coaching tennis, then comes preparing for college tennis. Granted not all youth tennis players will advance to play in college, and not all want to. But for those who have what it takes, a professional tennis coach may provide the edge that the player needs. The player comes with the commitment to play, the coach provides the consistent development and a 24 hours a day, seven days a week focus. A team mindset and approach are driven home. Earning a scholarship to play tennis in college, especially at a Division I level, is a tremendous opportunity. It’s an opportunity only available to those willing to do what it takes to develop an untouchable tennis game.

And what exactly does it take? That’s something only a professional tennis coach with tons of successful USTA tennis players can tell you. So listen up! Coach Tim and former MTVAC and Blue Chip Tennis Coach Jeremy Carl have taken their years of coaching experience and put them to paper in a soon-to-be-released book called The Complete Coach: A Brit and Texan Solve the Coaching Puzzle. Published December 2017, you can order your copy from Amazon here.

Straight from the MTVAC Tennis Courts

In the book, Tim and Jeremy put the pieces together that make up the Complete Coach. They present coaching principles developed and lessons learned throughout their tennis journeys; from playing high level tennis as juniors, then in college, and growing up in separate parts of the world – Tim in United Kingdom and Jeremy in Texas.

Marshall and Emma Thompson with coach Tim Bainton – Beyond scholarships and competition – coaching kids and developing champions all starts with fun.

Bainton and Carl share a common passion for seeing all coaches succeed in their profession is the driving force behind their partnership in coaching and writing this book. They are USPTA Elite Professionals, PTR Professionals and graduates of USTA High Performance program. They have been featured in Club Business International and Club Solutions Magazine. They have made frequent presentations for USPTA, PTR, USTA, Tennis Industry Association and International Heath, Racquet and Sportsclub Association.

Whether you have a youth tennis player still learning the ropes, or your talented teen wants to fine tune his skills in preparation for the future – MTVAC has tennis programs that fit tennis players at every level. And for those banking on a future in the sport, you’ll find the top professional tennis coaches in the Mid-Atlantic!

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