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Blue Chip Sports Management (BCSM) brings together decades of experience in the tennis and fitness industry. Led by founder and Executive Director Tim Bainton and his award-winning tennis staff, we provide our clients with the best resources in the business to help solve issues and maximize the profit potential of tennis organizations.  Our Sports management services are customized to the needs of your organization. The benefits include helping your team gain skills related to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, and evaluating your programs.

Taking a phased process approach, BCSM services can be adjusted to your unique timeline.  Our proven 7 step process can be done as a step-by-step process or we can tailor it to your needs based on where  your business is.

Phase 1: Assessment
Market Analysis and FeasibilityBlue Chip Sports Management Servcies

  • Site assessment and evaluation
  • Demographics profile of the market and potential opportunities
  • Competitive analysis
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis (SWOT)
  • Financial projections including revenue and expense projections
  • Project usage figures and user profile
  • Developed operations assumptions
  • Capital estimates
  • Summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations

Phase 2: Strategy Development
Concept Planning & Design ConsultationBlue Chip Tennis and Sports Management USTA presentation_Nov. 15

  • Conceptual and strategic planning
  • Space program development
  • Traffic flow and projected utilization levels
  • Collaboration with architectural and interior design firms to plan and design the facility, including areas such as locker room layout, reception configuration, wall and floor coverings, interior and exterior lighting issues and sound attenuation areas
  • Recommendation and coordination of the selection, purchase and placement of equipment
  • Computer hardware, software and front desk systems recommendations
  • Assistance in all aspects of design
  • Meetings with client and members of the design team

Phase 3: Preparation
Pre-Opening Services

  • Development of efficient timelines through date of opening
  • Finalized operating budget
  • Personnel selection and training
  • Finalized promotion, marketing and sales plans
  • Pre-opening sales budgets and goals
  • Program development for exercise and fitness areas, if applicable
  • Development of maintenance plan
  • Creation of club rules and regulations and waiver of liability forms
  • Development of standard operating procedures, employee manuals and operations manuals

Great shot of junior clinic with citi open background and skyPhase 4: Human Resources
Staffing & Operations Set-up

  • Management of interviewing, selection and training of key personnel
  • Implementation and development of effective training procedures
  • Select support staff
  • Establishment of quality standards
  • Sales training and assistance
  • Establishment of quality standards of performance and productivity
  • Development of complete job descriptions
  • Continuous training, support and supervision of staff in all areas

Phase 5: Promotion
Marketing & Sales

  • Introduce and train staff in sales
  • Develop and execute marketing plan
  • Suggest effective signage and entry way into facility
  • Promotion and sale of retail products and coaching or training
  • Establish special promotions and events
  • Collateral and promotions material developed
  • Membership procurement at all levels
  • Establish membership rates and options
  • Oversee all aspects of promotion and sales

P_20150805_135834Phase 6: Launch
Program Design & Implementation

  • Implementation of tennis and wellness programs
  • Creation of training programs
  • Promotion of personal training or lessons
  • Introduction and promotion of complementary programs as applicable, such as strength training, yoga and group fitness programs
  • Nutrition, sports strategy and Stress relief seminars
  • Development of social, instructional and educational activities
  • Management and promotion of all programs in the tennis (and fitness, if applicable) center

MTVAC building and groundsPhase 7: Business Planning & Management
Complete Facility Operations

  • Effective communication with Owners
  • Selection and daily supervision of staff
  • Implementation of programming and services
  • Quality maintenance and upkeep
  • Thorough budget management
  • Systems implementation
  • Enforcement of quality standards, rules and regulations
  • Planning and strategy concerning safety and security issues
  • Consistent interfacing with key staff members
  • Effective promotion of sister facilities to guests and members
  • Cost effective operation for the client
  • Usage reports to the client
  • Creating a friendly, professional and clean atmosphere at all times
  • All aspects of operation overseen on a turnkey basis

Benefits of Blue Chip Sports Management’s Professional Club Management:

  • Unparalleled experience in the development and management of tennis clubs
  • Reciprocal benefits with other Blue Chip Sports Management facilities and clubs throughout the region
  • Turn-key operating systems and procedures
  • Development of club operational plans including budgeting and financial projections
  • Extensive marketing and sales experience
  • Top professional service support team (attorneys, CPA’s, corporate executives of multi-million dollar companies)
  • Access to a team of experienced sport professionals, tennis instructors and support staff
  • Cost savings for equipment and product purchases through established partnerships
  • Strong customer service philosophy
  • No aggravations or handling of day-to-day operations
  • Guaranteed results and positive track record with Blue Chip Sports Management

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