Stay Hydrated and Take to Indoor Tennis Courts in Alexandria VA

Stay Hydrated and Take to Indoor Tennis Courts in Alexandria VA

Frosty winter months aren’t the only time that our MTVAC indoor tennis courts in Alexandria, VA come in handy. The sweltering summer months can be brutal on your stamina, health and fitness. Never mind your tennis game. Keep these tips in mind for safe and fun summer tennis!

Eat, Drink and be Safe 

Stay hydrated while using MTVAC's indoor tennis courtsHydrate! This is the number one point and tip for any activity in the summer months, but particularly sports like tennis that keep you active with few breaks. Especially in our humidity, drinking enough fluids can be tough since you lose fluids as you sweat. The best idea is to drink fluids before you play, during the activity and after. Don’t just aim for water, either. Electrolytes in sports drinks can help re-hydrate faster than water alone. If the drinks are too strong or sugary for you, try diluting them in water or with ice.

Speaking of ice, consider bringing ice packs with you on outdoor adventures and keep them in a cooler with your food and drinks. Towels work even better. Place the packs or towels behind your neck for an instant refresh that helps lower your body’s core temperature quickly.

Then get salty. It may seem counter-intuitive, but eating foods with higher salt contents will help you retain water and hydration. And while we’re talking about eating, that may be one of the last things on your mind when it’s hot out as rising temps can lower appetites. But if you’re active, it’s important to get enough quality calories to fuel your tennis game. Bananas, apples, oranges, nut butter, nuts and seeds are all great whole foods to nibble on and take with you to the courts.

What Not to Wear

The workout fashion industry has boomed lately with all sorts of technical and performance fabrics that wick away moisture and help you stay dry while working out or playing sports like tennis. These performance clothes are great year-round (there are also some made for winter months to help keep you warm without the sweat), but especially in sticky, sunny times.

When you’re outside, wear lightweight, light colored, loose clothing. This will help deflect the sun and allow your body to cool down as you sweat. Tighter clothes actually lock warmth in more, while darker clothes absorb more of the sun’s heat. Clothing with UPF or SF protection are even better, as they will block the sun’s rays from hitting your skin. Sunscreen is a must any time of day; at least broad spectrum SPF 30. A hat, visor and/or sunglasses can also go a long way in your comfort and protection in the sun.

Indoor tennis courts at MTVAC

Take Advantage of Indoor Tennis Courts in Alexandria, VA

One of the best advantages to being an MTVAC member is the access to so many different workout areas and activities. Our indoor tennis courts in Alexandria, VA make practicing and playing tennis in the summer so much easier! You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat and humidity, or play in the dark evenings. The climate-controlled courts will help you maintain your health and fitness levels even through scorching summer. But it’s still important to stay hydrated!

Interested in adding a tennis membership to score access to the indoor courts, or taking an indoor tennis lesson to expand your health and fitness skills? Sign up for our latest workshop.

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