New Tennis Clinic Featuring State-of-the-Art Playmate Ball Machine

Interested in getting a great workout while working on your tennis game? Try MTVAC’s new tennis clinic utilizing the iGENIE ball machine! Hitting with a ball machine is great for learning stroke mechanics and simulating match play. This new clinic is limited to eight players with one tennis pro, ensuring your stroke form is watched and corrected, helping to elevate your game.

Mechanics of the Tennis Clinic

Why use a ball machine in a tennis clinic? Because a ball machine can be set to work on a combination of shots. When targets are placed for accuracy, the difficulty can be increased across up to four dimensions. To improve accuracy, you need to hit thousands of balls. And freeing up the tennis pro to concentrate on your skills and form, instead of hitting and returning balls, means more attention and time spent on your game. Additional benefits of using a tennis ball machine include:

  • The pace of the practice is easily adjusted to players’ skill and fitness levels, without being dependent on the opponent’s skill and fitness levels. The faster the pace, the more of a workout!
  • An excellent way to practice aggressive attacking patterns.
  • Awesome for practicing reaction time and footwork. 
  • A good way to practice running to hit difficult volleys. You can work on wide volleys and topspins. You can also work from every quadrant on the court.
  • Since ball machines are consistent, they are a great way to practice repetition.
  • The repetition of a ball machine can also help the tennis pro’s instruction or tips stick. Practicing the tips quickly, over and over again with a ball machine makes the tips make more sense and actually stick, rather than potentially waiting weeks for the occasion when you can experience what the tennis pro was referring to and try the tip out.

Accuracy is essential for a purposeful, driven practice. The goal of the ball machine tennis clinic is to improve accuracy over every session, leading to improving your overall tennis game.

Who’s the New Stud on the Tennis Courts?

The star of the ball machine tennis clinic is the new iGenie ball machine. Get ready to run programmed drills at any place on the tennis courts, no matter your skill level! The machine also features:

  • 10 programmable shots and 10 shot delays.
  • Ability to use programmable random shot sequences.
  • Variable backspin, topspin and electronic height.
  • Can send balls any chosen direction on the court.
  • iNTELLIGENT direction patterns with option for random programming.
  • Easy rally ball start without any programming necessary.
  • Programming ideal for group drills and training, including remote control.
  • Holds up to 300 balls.
  • iPhone and iPad support to track workouts, balls hit and comparisons.

Fall 2018 Tennis Clinic Schedule

Add the Clinic to Your Calendar

It’s time to experience the blazing benefits of working out with a ball machine AND a tennis pro. The Ball Machine Rapid Fire Drill Tennis Clinic is held Monday and Thursday evenings from 7 – 8 PM. As always, tennis members receive the exclusive member rate. To learn more about of our tennis programs or ask questions, email or call 703-360-7300.

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