Tennis Footwork for Better Contact

Tennis Footwork 101

It doesn’t matter if you have perfect looking strokes. If you aren’t in position to hit the ball correctly it is tough to hit the ball properly.

Here are 4 keys to making sure your tennis footwork is top notch:

Tennis Footwork for better contact

  1. Make sure you move to the ball and get there early.  This allows yourself to set-up to prepare for the stroke.
  2. The distance between you and the ball needs to be about a racquet and arms length away.  Being too close will feel like you are being jammed and being too far will cause you to miss the ball entirely.
  3. The contact height should be around waist level.  Having the ball too high or too low will make it tough to execute and be consistent.
  4. The contact point should be out in front of you.  Hitting the ball too early or late will cause to ball to go left or  right. By having the contact point out in front, it will be easier to generate power.
Patrick Escalambre | MTVAC Senior Teaching ProfessionalAbout Patrick Escalambre:  Patrick Escalambre is a Senior Teaching Professional and the USTA Tournament Director at Mount Vernon Athletic Club (MTVAC) where he oversees all areas of the club’s USTA tournaments.   Named 2011 USTA Virginia Tournament Director of the Year, Patrick is also the Head Coach at Riverside Gardens Swim and Tennis,  is certified by the USPTA, and is a MTVAC High Performance Coach.  Patrick is available for private and group lessons, clinics for all levels and ages, as well as the Top Performance juniors program. For more information, contact or 703-272-2712.
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