Powerful Tennis Serve

Think Hail Mary Football Throw for More Powerful Tennis Serve

One of the most important aspect of the serve is the throwing action your body should make on serve.  An easy way to remember this is think of throwing a “Hail Mary” on your serve.  When NFL quarterbacks throw the ball 50 yards down the field the athletic actions being done are similar to serve.  Next time you practice your serve throw a football diagonally from one baseline to the other with your tennis practice partner.

Below are the key athletic components  that are part of a good throwing motion for a “Hail Mary” that a tennis player should do on the serve (for right handed player, opposite for left handed player).

  1. Body is sideways with weight on back foot before right arm comes back up to hit ball.
  2. Left shoulder should be above right shoulder as right arm is back and racquet is back in slot position (with butt cap pointing to the sky and the top of racquet head pointing to the ground).
  3. Right arm and elbow extends straight up with full extension to peak of toss.

Remember, these tips to help you start serving like the pros. For more powerful tennis serve tips, click the link below:

We hope this powerful tennis serve tip has been helpful for your game; if  you have any questions or need any additional tennis instruction – feel free to reach out to any of our Certified Blue Chip Tennis Professionals at

About Jeremy Carl:  Jeremy Carl is a Senior Teaching Professional at Mount Vernon Athletic Club (MTVAC). He played college level tennis at Presbyterian College and led the team to victory as South Atlantic Conference Champions as the Team Captain. He is the Head Coach at Wayneood Recreation Association and  is certified by the USPTA.  Jeremy is available for private and group lessons, clinics for all levels and ages, as well as the Top Performance juniors program. For more information, contact or 703-272-2712.

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